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 Eaton's Serenade

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PostSubject: Eaton's Serenade    Tue 13 May 2014, 00:58

As the rest of his pack set off to deal with those horse-thieves, Eaton told them to not have too much fun in his absence. He quickly made his way back to the cathedral where his kinfolk was waiting. As he went he rehearsed in his head what he was going to say to her, questions he should have asked awhile ago. Seeing that Jana was still sitting in the benches in the church, he slid into the row and asked how she was doing. Once he got the usual response of "Fine, thank you," Eaton took a deep breath and forged ahead:

"Jana, there was somethin' I wanted to say to you back when I fetched you from Olvidado. Now that it's just us again, I figure this is as good time as any."

Despite himself, Eaton continued somewhat nervously, "Look, I get that it's part of our callin' to try and have kids. You and I both know that but . . .” He paused and then started again. “Well, what do ya think that means for us? I mean, I wasn't really thinkin' that this would be happenin' now back when we took a tumble several months ago. I ain't stupid- I realize that this is a lot harder on you than it is on me.” He put his arm around her, still clearly uneasy with what he was about to ask.

“Did you really want to have a child with me?”

The brief second before Jana replied felt like an eternity.

“I cannot say that I wanted a child,” she began, slowly. “I think, like you, I was caught up in the excitement.” She brushed away the errant hair straggling across Eaton's brow, uncovering a narrow but deep scar. “That isn't to say I regret our decision, it's just that. . . I don't think I would ever be prepared for this.”

“Hey, I'm scared, too.” Eaton said, giving her what he sincerely hoped was a roguish grin. “But I believe Gaia has a plan for both of us. We weren't exactly lookin' to have a child, but don't tell me it was a coincidence that I was in the neighborhood right after I got that . . .” He rolled his eyes slightly as he thought of the right word, “ . . . shockin' bit of news so I was able to do somethin' about it.”

“I hope you are right.” Jana leaned her head back to stare up at the ceiling, momentarily closing her eyes. “Aside from our child, I'm not sure what other Garou are going to think about me. You told me your tribe would look after us while you and your pack were gone but the way Ms. Kostas put it, there doesn't sound like we will be staying with them.” She looked back at her mate, “Unless perhaps they have a presence in Nacogdoches?”

At this, Eaton slid the hand down his face before he continued, “Well, no, but I wanted them to meet ya on the way there. It's not like they couldn't watch out for you and the baby; but Nacogdoches I know is a safe place. Mocks is havin' his kid there, and the Sept is lookin' after a family of Kinfolk in secret. They'll be good to you.”

He stared deeply into her eyes with a burning ferocity that almost made her edge away. “Anyone who tries to make a fuss about you is gonna have to answer to me. I promise no one, not men, Garou or spirit, is going to harm you. I swear my life on that.”

At his answer Jana nodded and gave him a tired smile. “That's very noble of you and I appreciate it...” She hesitated and Eaton gave her questioning look. “Something eatin' at you? Spit it out, I won't get mad.” Jana's voice lowered to just above a whisper, trying to conceal a trembling note of shame. “Would you still look after me if I was not carrying our child?”

The Galliard had to choke back an indignant laugh. “ . . .yes!” he blurted out. He took note of her questioning gaze, and shrugged. “To the humans, I'm an impoverished halfbreed. Among the Nation, I'm a Bone Gnawer. I don't get much respect from men or Garou. But through all that ya still wanted to get to know me. That sorta thing . . . has never happened before.” He took hold of her hand and clasped it in his own, as a half smile crept across his face. “We're both rejects, Jana. We gotta look out for each other.”

“Right now, we may not have much more than this kid, but . . . I want to share my life with you, and I was wonderin' if you wanted that, too." Eaton said, carefully choosing his words, his eyes searching hers. Keeping her gaze locked with his, she answered calmly, “I do, but-” She hesitated briefly, uncertainty in both their eyes. “I can't help but fear what lies ahead. What if we cannot support our baby? What if . . . what if I make him sick?”

Eaton shook his head, smiling. “Jana,” Eaton began in a soothing tone, “ya can't let stuff like that keep you up at night. I will never let that happen.” A small smile still played on his lips. “I think you've gotta learn to trust again. I don't know everything the future holds, but I keep tellin' myself it'll all work out, because I am gonna make it work out.” His hold on her hand tightened reassuringly. “I know it's gonna be easier to be strong if we stay together through it all. I'll provide for you two every way I can.”

At Eaton's words, Jana returned his hopeful smile. Even though the fears inside her still stirred, the Galliard still brought an air of peace she hadn't felt in a very, long time. Noticing her uncertain expression, he took a deep breath before adding, “Hey, I love you, Jana.”

She gave him a stunned look, before she leaned in and kissed him. Though he at first seemed startled, he slowly pulled her into a embrace, but when his hands began roving she stiffened slightly and drew back, looking around distractedly. “Not here- not in the middle of the church. . . !” Her voice trembled with flattered shock. The werewolf looked back at his mate, eyes filled with primal lust, his hand still lightly tracing its way up her rounded stomach. “Doesn't have to be here, I ain't picky.” His voice was a low, playful growl. “If you're up to it, I think I have a few new scars to show you . . .”
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Eaton's Serenade
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