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 Laid to Rest

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Zas B'ul


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PostSubject: Laid to Rest   Thu 01 May 2014, 15:15

Zas and Eaton had left their rendezvous with the would-be horse sellers to re join Zoe and Jana.

The path to the cathedral wound through the mostly deserted streets of the city and aside from the occasional sound of children playing echoing from the homes nearby, it was quiet.
Zas had figured the man would not likely part with an animal so easily, and was thus unsurprised when their "trade" did not work out. As he had opened his mouth to discuss what Eaton and He should do next, Zas caught sight of the home the Sheriff had described and pointed it out to Eaton.

It wasn't too out of the way of their destination and Zas didn't anticipate the message would take long to deliver, so he turned to go up to the home as he told Eaton, "I'm going to deliver my message. If you wish to continue to the church you are welcome to. I won't be likely far behind."

Eaton just nodded and continued to make his way to the cathedral to be with his intended.

Zas B'ul for his part, strolled up to the smaller newer looking Mexican Hacienda, as he recalled the words Samuel Evans had wanted to be delivered and attempted to figure out a way for him to say them without drawing too many questions.

His thoughts grounded to a halt however as he was nearly tackled by a smaller boy who wore an innocent smile on his face and carried what seemed to be a half eaten pan of blueberry cobbler. Zas managed to catch his balance, but the boy stumbled to the ground. It took all the skill and ability the boy had, but though he fell, the cobbler remained safe in his clutches.

Zas made to offer his hand to help the boy up but the boy however just gripped the pie closer to him as he scooted away covered in dirt and said with pie being quickly scooped into his mouth, "Sorry Mister sir. If you want one of mama's pies, you gonna have to do like I dun' and steal one fer' yerself. I called this one."

Zas smiles and goes to tell the boy something witty, but his voice is drowned out by a shrill shrieking voice, "EDWARD SAMUEL EVANS!!! I'm gonna tan your hide!"

Edward looks to the home where the voice originated, then to Zas, his face beginning to grow pale, and says to Zas in a voice barely above a whisper, "You never seen me and you don't know me got it?!?"

Without waiting for a reply, the boy bolts down the street tossing the now empty pan to the ground with a loud clanging noise-Zas even being impressed by the boys speed.

When Zas loses sight of the child Zas collects the pan and turns to the house and walks to the door and knocks. Along the way Zas notices a small garden growing along the path to the door and detects the aromas of both the flowers outside and the food being cooked inside the home mingling together. Several moments go by, before the large wooden door creaks open and a petite woman in her early 30's with long brown hair wearing an apron covered in some form of white powder Zas assumed to be dough appears in view.

The woman initially has a look of disdain and anger on her face as she steps out obviously expecting the boy, but upon seeing Zas' tall Native American frame and weaponry and sensing his more predatory nature, she freezes and goes deathly silent eyes wide in terror.

Zas does his best to look less intimidating, giving her a polite smile and taking off his old worn out hat bringing it to his chest, but upon not seeing any real change in her reaction to him, he offers her the pie pan and says in his best English accent he could manage, "I think this is yours. I also was told that the lady of this home used to go by a different name."

The woman makes no movement to take the pan, but the terror evident in her eyes begins to subside slightly and concern mixed with sadness begins to fill it as Zas continues, "I have been on the move for a long while, but I promised to deliver the final words of a Samuel B. Evans."

Upon hearing her deceased husbands name she steps back from the door frame and just hangs her head and she says barely keeping herself from sobbing, "What did the poor man say?"

Zas says with a matter of fact tone of voice, "He said to tell you he fought honorably. He also said to tell this to your son."

She looks up at Zas with tears coming from her eyes as she says, "That bastard...I told him not to run off and get involved with this whole thing, but he just had to! No convincing him otherwise. Didn't even have the gumption ta tell me that he loved me before he left, he just was here one day and gone by sunrise!"

Zas just shifts his feet but remains standing there outside the door not really knowing what to do next.

The former Ms. Evans just cries to herself for several minutes before she tries wiping her tears and saying, "I will tell our...son when he's a little older... He wouldn't understand. Thank...you for letting us know."

Zas just nods, places his hat back atop his head and tips his hat to her as he'd seen other white people do before and then leaves to catch up to Eaton and the others feeling a sense of closure and accomplishment.

The woman in the apron just stood at the door tears rolling down her cheeks watching the Silent Strider vanish from view.
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Laid to Rest
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