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 Braggin' Rights

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Rends the Gar


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PostSubject: Braggin' Rights   Sun 13 Apr 2014, 15:36

As the sun broke over the Eastern horizon, Rends the Gar and Roaring Jack were making their way back to the Caern after a long night of hunting. They were less than a mile from the entrance to the Caern, both of them carrying several trophies, the severed heads of their prey, in some sacks they'd found in an abandoned homestead. Feeling good about the night's hunt, Rends shifted his sack over to his other shoulder as the Elder Garou lead the way across a ford in the Guadalupe River.

"So, I reckon now's as good a time as any for some braggin'. If'n you don't mind, I'd like ta tell you what I've been up to lately. I think I deserve some recognition."

Roaring Jack grunts as he splashes forward, tying his trophy sack to the end of his spear to keep it out of the river water.

"Go on, boy. And don't forget you still owe me the story of killing that Wyrm Princling in Nacadoches."

Rends chuckled, splashing after Roaring Jack into the river.

"I ain't much of a story teller, so I'll need me some whisky 'afore I can do that one justice. Anyhow, I know you ain't exactly keen on why we's down here, but we got orders from our Sept Alpha to get Penelope to Malchizadek, and that's what we did. I led my pack down here, following the orders of our Alpha, and along the way we come into all kinda trouble. We faced down Injuns, Wyrm critters, and we managed to avoid any Black Spirals until it was too late for them to stop us gettin' here. We helped the Throat Tearers in Perdido, and even though that battle cost us dearly, it woulda been much worse if I wasn't there to pull us through it. We killed some spider spirit there, and we found proof that the Wyrm's up to somethin' in the Cherokee lands. We took the first steps in makin' peace between the Republic and Injuns, allowing us to focus on the real threat of the Wyrm. When we got here to San Antone first thing we even did was stop an innocent man gettin' lynched by some Black Spiral kinfolk. We done what was right, and through it all I fought at the front of every battle, inspiring the rest of my pack by taking the Wyrm on face to face. Hears the Song, and Snowy Owl may prefer to fight different from us Get, but I always lead my pack into battle with teeth and claws chargin' in. And that's how I taught Penelope to fight too..."

He trails off as he remembers his protege's ordeal that she was at that very moment undergoing.

"Anyhow, that's what's been goin' on. I reckon it's pretty good for someone barely a year after his First."

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Braggin' Rights
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