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 Blood, Fire, and Tears

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Zas B'ul


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PostSubject: Blood, Fire, and Tears   Fri 11 Apr 2014, 01:58

Zas was more than ready for the Revel to begin. Having been proven right and justified of the Prodigals past deeds, he needed to burn off some pent up aggression and this hunt, he hoped would do nicely.

As the moot concluded and the other Garou in attendance began storming out the Caern to assault anything and everything in their path in their war forms, Zas shifted instead into Lupus and then stepped sideways into the umbra. With most of the others headed for the narrow exit of the caern, it made more sense for him to leave this route.

Upon making it through, he noticed that he was not the only one that had had this same thought. Several members of the Sicarii were alreadythere and had begun to rapidly depart and begin the attack. Zas, for his part, headed in a different direction from the others. He made good speed traveling this way, all the while evaluating the possibilities of attacking enemies in the umbra like the Sicarii.

It was as he rounded some of the spirit world trees that he caught scent of something that seemed out of place. He detected the strong smell of sulfur, with a hint of soot and ash. Looking around the area revealed nothing out of the ordinary, other than the absence of any Gaian spirits.

He then shifted to homid grabbing for his bow and notching an arrow and returned to the material world. Upon returning to it, he could hear a strange bird crying out in the woods. The bird call itself was foreign, but it was the way Zas began to feel that was worrysome. He seemed to almost lose the desire to keep fighting, and thought that he should just go home because from the back of his mind he seemed to think that he should believe that he stood no chance of winning.

As he began to lower his drawn bow, a pair of armor clad crinos form Garou appeared from seemingly out of nowhere and with claws outstretched, they at the same time swung wide swipes hitting what Zas perceived to be only air. His eyes picked up however that he was incredibly mistaken, for after a few moments of every silence a stream of dark blood began to puddle inches from his feet.

The two large Get of Fenris turn to Zas and nod grinning. The one on the left says to Zas, "You gotta be either incred'bly ballsy or jest' plain dumb trying to tangle with a Mulk alone and unarmored. What were ya' tryin' to do, sneak up on it and poke it with your little arrows? Or give it a kiss first? The names, Demon-Skewer, by the way if you're lookin' fer' who ta thank for saving yet' skin."

The Get to the right turns to Demon-Skewer and says, "And I reckon that just makes me, Hell-Teeth here for what, moral support?!?" He then turns to Zas while still talking to his mate and says, "Besides...I don't think he needed saving anyway. He's one o' them that is trying to bring back the Howlers'. I'm sure he had his reasons for gettin so up close and personal. Maybe he just wanted to tear out the things innards with his bare hands. I mean look at him!"

Demon-Skewer raises an eyebrow. "Well boy? Which is it?"

Before Zas has a chance to answer the trio is completely blindsided by a white blur of movement. The two Steel Reavers were thrown back several feet tumbling head over heel. Zas managed to avoid being impaled on the nearby tree but is not looking very pretty. He's tangled up in some of the lower branches with some nasty cuts and scrapes, one a deep gash that rubs length wise across his chest. He ignores his wounds though as he takes in the sight that lay before him.

A large white furred creature resembling a very hairy gorilla with eight glowing yellow eyes, a bronze beak, that was armed with silver hands and claws stood over the two downed Get. Zas had never seen anything like it. The creature pounced on Hell-Teeth and dropped it's weight fully on the prone Garou, while lashing out at Demon-Skewer with both arms and emitting a bloodcurdling screech.

Zas begins working his way loose of the tree branches by shifting into Crinos and dropping to the ground as the branches snap and crack from his sudden weight gain. He readies to leap atop the evil monster, but stops himself as another unarmored Garou rampages into the scene running full force into the beast sitting atop the Get who are trying to recover the footing.

The new Garou tackles the creature to the ground and begins clawing into it with silver claws of his own and after a few brief moments of struggle lifts up the creature and rips it's beak clean off howling out, "All Wyrm-spawn near, fear for your wretched lives, for Scale-Shredder is here!" As he does this, the two Steel Reavers stand back up and surge forward assaulting the wounded beast.

Zas makes to charge over and help in the gutting of the foe, but as he starts to move forwards, he feels himself get grabbed by a pair of dark razor sharp talons and begins to rise up into the air. A quick gander above himself reveals a terrifying sight.

Flapping large leathery bat-like wings, and possessing the hind legs of an eagle, the fore legs of a goat, the body of a lizard and three heads of a lion, a dragon, and a fish, resembling something out of a scary campfire story he'd heard as a child was this odd creature. Zas took a quick look down and already could tell that he was fairly high up.

Not wanting to risk finding out what plans this monstrosity had in store for him, Zas began squirming as much as he could while biting and chomping on the creatures attached latched legs. Making a solid bite into the creature caused it to shriek out in pain, but it continued to fly further up.

The animal flapped its large powerful wings twice more before suddenly and strangely stopping its momentum and crying out in pain again. Only this time, from further up on the creatures body, Zas could see what looked like claw marks with deep gashes squirting out the internal fluids of the flying animal. It's grip on Zas loosened before it then plummeted towards to the ground.

Zas eventually managed to get loose of the talons while falling, but not before nearing the tops of the tree line. He braced for a hard rough landing preparing and steeling himself for the jarring pain that was inevitable. The expected pain however never came.

From out of the umbra a pair of Garou materialized in just the nick of time to catch Zas before he was injured from the fall. Two of the Sicarii Zas had noticed from earlier, one male, one female. After Zas returned to his feet he says, "Thank you for Catching me. Did you all just see what that was though? Am I dreaming?"

The girl looks at Zas and shakes her head, "No, you are not dreaming. What you just saw was a chimera. Before that, a scrag."

The male turns to her and says, "Lace-Jaw! He doesn't need to know all that. They were merely servants of the Wyrm. They are defeated. This is what matters."

Lace Jaw stares back at the man and says cooly, "How does not knowing everything you can about your enemy help you kill it Shadow Fang? Hmm? Tell me that. If you ask me, I think more of us should be better informed."

Shadow Fang lets out a quick snort of disagreement and is just about to snap back with a retort, but is prevented from speaking before another Garou walks up to the gathered trio seeming to materialize from out of the ground saying, "I could not agree with you more Lace-Jaw. In fact, provided you were willing to share everything you know, I can personally guarantee that everyone who needs to know would know. What do ya say?"

Both Lace-Jaw and Shadow Fang turn to the new Garou, who seems to completely ignore Zas. Lace-Jaw pipes up,"When I feel like sharing more Mud-Vane, trust me. You will be the first to know."

Zas interrupts, "Do Chimeras live around here?"

The group turns to him and all three just laugh. Their laughter is cut short however by Scale-Shredder stepping into the area followed quickly by Demon-Skewer and a dented armored Hell-Teeth, saying, "I see nothing funny about the young one's question."

Shadow Fang glares at Scale-Shredder and says, "Tge answer is no. And if any of you need more of an education on the history of a Wyrm creatures, I'd suggest you seek it elsewhere. We are in the middle of a Revel are we not?"

Demon-Skewer and Hell-Teeth both step up beside Scale-Shredder growling menacingly while withdrawing a well worn blood stained club with nails on one end and a heavily Garou-marked knife-blade respectively.

Zas steps in between the two groups and bares his teeth snapping at both sides once and claiming, "All the Wyrm critters you could want surround you and still you bicker and argue with one another. Shame on you all. I didn't think I'd see th-"...he is cut off or rather drowned out by a low rumble that grows louder quickly, that shakes the ground beneath everyone's feet.

The noise all around the forest then fades away almost as quickly as it appeared.

All the Garou gathered form up in a circle with Zas at the center, each watching a different part of the forest, waiting for whatever force should come next.

Time goes by slowly seeming to last an eternity with no words spoken among the group. All ears faced outwards listening for a sign of an incoming attack. After a full two minutes go by, the group returns to their former stances. Three older Garou on either side of Zas. They each look to one another then to Zas.

Then. It. Happens.

Out of the woods to the right comes a large towering twelve-foot, armored, jet black steed, eyes glowering red, a trail of eerie greenish flames coming from both it's mane and it's tail with it's hooves leaving a trail of burnt ground with each step, charging straight for the gathered group clustered group.

The dark Wyrm beast lets out a cruel whinny that actually forces Mud-Vane to flee, bolting off in the opposite direction of the rampaging animal. Shadow Fang and Lace-Jaw, rather than staying still, dive to the left and begin trying to re-enter the Umbra.

Scale-Shredder charges headed on to meet the steed silver claws dragging the rocky ground scraping them to form a fine razor edge. The two Steel Reavers, turn with their backs to one another raise their arms up and lock elbows forcing their armored shoulders and sides into a solid wall of steel.

Zas dives over to the right and howls out a war cry resulting in all those gathered nearby to let out a howl of their own.
The evil black horse races to meet Scale-Shredder. Scale-Shredder brings his claws to bear, their sharp needle like points jutting out forwards.

Rather than stopping, or retreating the horse simply turns its body to the left at the last possible moment smacking Scale-Shredder full in the face with its tail forcing the Get of Fenris to the ground howling in pain, his head Ablaze with Bale fire.

The horse's warpath continued; charging into the two Sicarii, Scion packmates, who seemed to be struggling for some reason to enter the umbra, unable to really defend themselves. The horse charged through them and then began to trample the two, scorching each Garou with every painful step.

The two Steel Reaver surge forwards upon seeing the sudden change in battle and swing their weapons at the animal that in addition to avoiding the attacks lets out a puff of smoke from its nostrils forcing the two Get of Fenris to begin gasping for air, while continuing to pummel the Sicarii beneath it with its hooves still aflame.

Zas waste no time. He leaps high up into the air and manages to land atop the horses back and just takes both claws and buries them into the horses head and jerks it upwards leaving it neck completely exposed.

Scale-Shredder manages to lift himself up from the ground despite the pain and the flames that continue to burn his face. He then lets out a howl of rage and surges forward once more ramming his claws deep into the horses exposed neck and then withdrawing them to focus on trying to snuff out the flames.

Lace-Jaw and Shadow Fang looking much worse for wear, both begin snapping and biting into the animals legs shredding muscle from bone.

Demon-Skewer falls to the ground and begins crawling out of the toxic fumes that persisted. Hell-Teeth holds his breath as best he can while he takes his fist and punches the animals neck, and manages to penetrate the skin all the way through to its spine and continues his assault until he hears a loud popping sound and the horse collapses never to draw breath again.

Zas picks himself up from the fallen animal that he had unintentionally ridden down to the ground and is just about to check on the others when he catches sight of something.

Off in the distance, Zas is able to make out what looks to be another Garou clad in leather armor. Zas first thoughts run to Penelope and he without pause rushes to greet her. As he approaches though, she turns to run. Zas laughs at the idea of her outrunning him, but chases after her anyway. Much to his surprise however, she proves to be quite a match. He isn't able to catch up to her and he in fact at one point loses sight of her.

His pursuit of Penelope leads him away from the Caern and in fact all the way to San Antonio. Rather than risk being seen in Crinos, Zas steps sideways and enters the umbra. He takes several minutes to enter the umbra, but after finally making his way there, he is surprised to see not Penelope, but a hideous bane of hatred.

The bane emanated anger, fury, uncontrolled rage, and just being near it nearly causes Zas to frenzy. Without pause he makes to swing at the Wyrm servant.

Mid swing however, the creature's form changes into Penelope complete with her recent armor. Zas stops his attack, "Penelope? Is that you?"

The hatred bane lets out a string of curses and reaches forward and sncks the philodox hard across the jaw forcing him to go flying over a nearby spirit wall. Zas steels himself and says with a smile s his jaw reforms, "I think she would have hit harder than that."

The Garou leaps back over the wall and lets into the Wyrm spirit that all the while continues to change forms, into the various other Garou Zas had come into contact with growling with each hit. Eventually, the spirit pushes Zas up into the air and then slams him back down, before vanishing over the wall.

Zas gets up from the ground slowly, his earlier fights beginning to catch up to him. He makes to climb the wall but stops himself. He instead just peaks over it and looks for any sign of the Wyrm creature. Nothing.

Zas rubs his head. "I think I know how I can get this one. I just hope this works."

He drops back down to the ground, and quickly repeats what Chief Bowl had done back in Nacodoches to enter the Dark Umbra, finishing with the cutting motion through the air. Zas wills himself to succeed at this as it is his first solo attempt.

At first nothing happens, but then slowly but surely, e feels himself enter the strange foreign land that is the Dark Umbra. Rather than last time where it was rather quiet, this time, the entire area is filled with sounds of battle. There are ghosts everywhere, as far as the eye can see, all still hard at work of doing their last actions before they passed on.

Zas tries taking a peak over the wall again but is grabbed forcefully up by his head and pulled over. Once on the other side, he finds himself laying face up staring into the eyes of several Texan defenders.
"I'm, looking for a creature. I need assistance. Are there any volunteers."

One of the ghost looking down at him stares coldly at him and says, "All of us you see here were volunteers. That's how we got to where we are now. See what good that did us. Our families."

Zas looks back up at the man and says, "I do see. I don't think you do. You fought for a cause. You fought to protect what you felt was right. You died defending what was important to you. Am I right?"

The man looks to the others but just glares at Zas, "What do you want?"

Zas slowly gets up, "There's something in this place. Now, in my time. It is powerful. You are the closest means of help. Will you help me find it and kill it?"

The man rubs his hand through his hair, "What's in it for me? What do I get out of it?"

Zas frowns, "You are a fighter. You also said you have family. Is there anything you'd like for me to tell them? Do for you?"

The man nods, "Sure, you can tell them how I died."

Zas nods, "How did you die? What is your name?"

"The name is Samuel B. Evans. I died honorably. You tell my wife and son that. I will help you."

"I agree. Will you help me first?"

Samuel blinks, "I suppose."

Zas nods and then just turns around and exits the alien place, returning to the umbra and then to the material world. He begins walking around the abandoned fort looking for the creature. A wailing scream catches his attention, coming from over near done wooden barrels.

He rushes to them and leaps over them fangs and claws bared and sees the Bane being assaulted by the ghost. Zas manuevers around behind the bane and snaps at its necks with his teeth and then claws the bane from behind as the ghost attacks the front.

The two manage to eventually get the bane to stop screaming, and then Zas delivers the killing blow. The ghost of Samuel vanishes and Zas returns to the umbra with the bane and begins dragging it back to where he'd left the other Garou.

By the time he returns, it is nearly sunrise and most of the Garou aren't anywhere to be seen. Lace-Jaw however is still in the area, nursing some of her burns, with the aid of some spirits. Upon seeing her, Zas holds up the bane and says, "What's next?"
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Blood, Fire, and Tears
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