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 Natural Thought

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PostSubject: Natural Thought   Sun 06 Apr 2014, 22:41

As the rest of Eaton's pack made off to commence their various conversations, the Bone Gnawer stayed behind. He locked eyes with his reflection who stared back at him from the pool. He thought about what Malchizedek had said: He should let his visions come to him, to open himself up to what they had to say. While the two figures stared at each other, Eaton wondered what exactly the elder wanted him to do. He had seen strange things as long as he could remember, long before he knew anything of the Garou. As he grew older, he learned to value his unique insights. No matter what twisted imagery was forced on him, he always interpreted them the best he could. He would spend long hours trying to understand... sometimes he would puzzle it out... sometimes.

He looked up from the pool as realization struck him: Perhaps he wasn't supposed to understand. Wordlessly, he hurried to the caern's common area, paying no attention to anyone else around him. He had always wondered where his visions came from: warnings from a benevolent spirit, or as the Stranger had suggested, a curse placed upon his ancestor? It didn't matter now; he would drop his preconceived ideas and let them speak to him on their terms. He found an empty enough spot on the ground and sat himself down. He crossed his legs and placed the palms of his hands on his knees. Taking in a slow, deep breath, he thought to himself,

"They are not warnings. They are not taunting you. They do not guide you. They are not under your control.

They are a part of you . . .

Eaton repeated those words in his mind, over and over, as he let his mind wander until he no longer was in control of his own thoughts.
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PostSubject: Re: Natural Thought   Tue 08 Apr 2014, 00:34

A wizened figure rode across a far away western land. Wind carved mountains of living stone towered over deserts of dead stone. The sun shone always, even when the rain came everyday. The rider never noticed this. He just continued on, across the strange land until his eyes burned, his tongue swelled, and his horse stumbled and fell among the rocks, snapping its leg like a dry weak twig. Still the horseless rider went on, until the moon rose and his skin ran like mercury, dripping and cooling into the forms of a wolf and monster.

The World, She knew him, but She did not care. She had spurned him for many years; now, he was simply returning the favor. The wolf-and-man climbed up the tallest mountain, into ancient halls that were now nothing more than piles of crudely shaped stone. It was here that the world fell away from him, and he walked where only spirits dwell. Still he continued on, until he forgot the mountain, and his dead horse, his own swollen tongue, and the laughter of his children.

It was there he met her. Not Her. She would never answer. This one was different, a creature of longing, passion, and hidden power, a forgotten goddess who remembered the ancestors walk across the grinding freezing ice of old. This one promised mastery of the secret ways, how to harness the cycle of creation, birth, and death. The man-wolf-monster listened and laughed long and hard.
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Natural Thought
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