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 Spiritual Perspective

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PostSubject: Spiritual Perspective   Sun 06 Apr 2014, 13:12

Zoe sits near the center of the caern, looking out over the caern heart where the moot and trial would take place tomorrow. Rends-the-Gar was keeping an eye on her, but not as closely as before. Her chat with him helped to put her mind a little more at ease concerning the immediate future of their pack, but she was still bothered by the fact that they were so easily fooled into believing that that wolf spirit was not a threat. Even the Laughing Stranger had been there with them and still they had made what was being considered by the Throat Tearers to be the wrong decision. Zoe mumbles to herself.

"If not even the spirits can discern a good spirit from a bad one, how can I be expected to do the same? I mean, sure, the whole place reeked of Wyrm, but we had just dealt with a Wyrm critter, so I just assumed it was just residue, not indication of additional evil."

Zoe sighs, realizing that though the pack made the decision together it is ultimately her responsibility to navigate and correctly interpret things of the Umbra. "Now my pack is taking the fall for my decision, right or wrong."
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Spiritual Perspective
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