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 Price for Pride

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Zas B'ul


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PostSubject: Price for Pride   Thu 13 Mar 2014, 23:02

Zas had said little to the rest of the pack since arriving in Seguine. Only after leaving the town and beginning the trek to Bexar County did he approach Zoe. Rather than reprimanding her for past deeds, he asked for her to summon a Falcon Spirit, but gave no indication as to why. Zoe, who was ever eager to take a trip umbral side, agreed to the Philodox's request.

After the pack had made camp their initial day of travel, and waiting for the moon's rising, Zoe and Zas entered the umbra. Zas had requested that Zoe serve as interpreter for him and the Spirit when it arrived. Zoe's sheer curiosity prevented her from refusing.

Zoe began her calls and no sooner had she started, did the spirit appear. Upon seeing the spirit, Zas immediately dropped to his knees and began speaking, "O great and mighty, Noble Falcon. I thank you for hearing my call. I humbly ask for your wisdom and teaching. In the service of Gaia I have come to notice that my own shortcomings have prevented me from fulfilling her calling. Though I am not of your children, I feel that where I fail, you alone are able to aid me in my future tasks. I offer to leave my next fresh kill hung from a tree to feed your kind, as well as this bit of gnosis as chiminage. Please accept these offerings in exchange for bestowing upon me Eminent Domain."
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Price for Pride
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