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 Ranger Report

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PostSubject: Ranger Report   Thu 13 Mar 2014, 20:19

Dear Ranger Williams,

It is with a heavy heart I write this report. The loss of Ranger Ben, and our horses will make a slow, long trip back to Seguin. Perdido was practically nothing when we arrived, upon leaving...it is less than nothing. The trip was not for naught though. We did find some Injuns. Some parleyed with us... the rest were the crew who attacked Perdido, they weren't quite as amiable much to our displeasure. I suppose I should start at the beginning though.

Even with the horses it took close to a week to reach Perdido. There wasn't too much life to be seen on the trails, not even food. the whole terrain seemed to be dying, hurting from the rampages of the Injuns. We was practically starved by the time we reached Perdido. It was a nasty sight to behold when we pulled in. At first glance, the only sign of life was some Mexican. He was blabberin' on in Spanish about how the Injuns are returning, and then he turned his gun upon himself before we had chance to stop him. Unfortunate fool.

Upon further investigation of the town there were only 2 buildings worth looking into, the church and the school house. Ain't nothing in the school but rotted burned wood, same as the rest of the town, for some reason it just hadn't collapsed. The church was better off in some ways, worse in others. The Injuns had written in blood all over it and there was a foul smell about it. We entered and the stench worsened. We found a passageway to the basement of the church that had been boarded up. We broke it down to find the bodies of the citizens. Dead. Mangled. Diseased Ridden. Only a few survivors, we bandaged them up best we could. It was at that point we realized others were riding upon the town.

A band of Injuns, led by Chief Running Steel. His band looked worn and ragged. They had been fighting, not with us white folk though. Another group of Injuns. They called them The Penetaka. We were told it was they who ransacked the village of Perdido and they who had been bloodying the hills in these parts. We traded our War Axe for Chief Running Steel's War Bow. Mainly a gesture symbolizing a temporary truce. We help them deal with the Penetaka, and they will stop the raiding they are doing and talk to the other Injun bands in the area. They agreed to meet us at a trading post in a few weeks. I have high hopes for them. They left the are shortly for the Penetaka weren't far behind them, and they were in no fighting shape. It was time to prove ourselves to them, for even though they would not be fighting, they would be watching and judging our actions.

Soon after we created a plan to take care of the Penetaka. If they were coming back to Perdido chasing Chief Running Steel we would stop them. We grabbed what wood we could that was still able to be burned and set a trap for them. We would start the fire and scare most of them away, at least get rid of the horses at any rate. On horseback we would stand no chance against them. Two dozen blood crazed Penetakas ran down on us. Their bows and arrows took our horses out first, leaving them with a huge advantage. Ben was next, I'm betting they noticed the uniform. Luckily the fire worked. Scared off half the Injuns and crippled the horses of those who dared stay. We killed a few of them, the others ran off once they realized we were putting up a fight. As they ran off we saw a couple leaving the church...they killed the off the ones that weren't done in by disease. Filthy Bastards.

We buried Ben outside of Perdido while the fire burnt the rest of that down to ash. There was no use trying to fix it up William, it was dead...best to start anew. I do apologize for not bring Ben's body back but with no horses, and the lack of food on our way up here, there was no way we would have had the strength to bring him back. Damn shame too. He was a good man. You owe it to him William to work with Chief Running Steel and take down the Penetaka for what they done. His band won't fight for you, but they damn sure will fight with you. They are waiting for you William at the trading post, don't let Ben die in vain. It's in your hands now Rangers. If you need us again, we are working our way South towards Bexar County.
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Ranger Report
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