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 A Gift From The Stranger

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PostSubject: A Gift From The Stranger   Tue 11 Mar 2014, 17:07

Eaton returned Zas' embrace before he nodded in recognition as his pack-mate went off to talk to Rends. The Galliard turned away and swept his gaze across the rest of his comrades, feeling like he had something to do. While searching through his consciousness, his right hand clapped to his forehead as he recalled what he wanted to ask to the Stranger for some time now. He bounded up to the spirit and said, "Stranger, there's somethin' I wanted to ask you for awhile and now seem's peaceful enough. Ever since I came face first with that dark spirit- Thanks again, by the way- I was wonderin': Could you teach my how to understand other spirits? I don't wanna miss out on a story just 'cause Mocks and Zoe ain't there."

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The Laughing Stranger

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PostSubject: Re: A Gift From The Stranger   Thu 13 Mar 2014, 17:21

The Laughing Stranger lay with his head propped among the roots of a nearby pecan tree, idly shelling the nuts, the top half of his face covered by the lazily tipped brim of his hat. His mud-caked boots lay nearby in a heap, and as Eaton approached the totem spirit waggled his toes at the Galliard through the holes in his socks. A grin crept across the Coyote spirit's face but he did not get up. "You want to talk to the spirits and learn their tall tales? Not a bad idea. Now if only you could find a spirit who was good at telling yarns... that'd really help you get a feel for the language. You just don't want to get stuck listening to a moss spirit or a stone elemental. Maddeningly dull." The Stranger pushed back his hat, revealing his alien yellow eyes. "Maybe we could see if this pecan tree is willing to share it's dark and sordid past..."
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A Gift From The Stranger
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