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 A Bitter Respite

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Zas B'ul


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PostSubject: A Bitter Respite   Fri 17 Jan 2014, 00:33

Zas sat down to think and plan for what was likely to occur tomorrow. His outward demeanor exuded a state of undisturbed calm and tranquility, his mind however was far from anything resembling serenity.

His actions and words upon hearing about the Comanche lingered in his mind. What he had said was the truth. The Comanche were dangerous. He had seen and experienced their ferocity and terror first hand. He also knew that he needed to do what was best for his pack, namely ensuring their survival.

Staying behind and letting the Prodigals deal with this on their own without him was not an option. However, going with them would undoubtedly cause negotiation challenges--challenges they didn't need. He needed to think of a plan. A way to protect his pack, that didn't violate the litany, and spared as many lives as possible.

He closed his eyes and offered a single prayer to Luna asking her for guidance. Before he had finished the sentence the answer he needed came to him.

He sat up and called out to the others nearby, "I have an idea for what to do tomorrow."

As they gathered around he began, "The Comanche are dangerous. This we all can agree upon. Fortunately, we have been given information that seems to indicate that within their ranks, are other garou. I think rather than dealing with a random wandering War band of Comanche, we can attempt to make contact with the Garou who are among them."

Zas leans in as he continues, "My tribes history with the Comanche will hinder any attempts at peace talks. I intend to instead travel in Lupus form. Since we will be bringing a human ranger with us, I will likely need to leave slightly before you do. We can claim I am tracking or something if justification for my absence is needed. In this manner, I can call and inform any Garou of our presence, and ask for them to meet with us."

He pauses to collect his thoughts before continuing, "The litany is being followed. My native heritage won't be as great a penalty, and we stand a better chance of surviving."

He looks at each pack member and says, "I am planning and hoping that the Garou who are among the Comanche will be more inclined to hear us out than any other random Comanche raiding party. In addition, the responsibility of keeping the Comanche involved in this under control, will fall on the other Garou."

Zas stares at them intently as he says, "This will be tense. Make no mistake. I can think of nothing else though, that minimizes bloodshed."
Zas looks apologetically at Rends. "Our foes will reveal themselves regardless. When they do, we will and must be ready."

After speaking his thoughts Zas gazes from member to member and he asks, "What do you say?"
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PostSubject: Re: A Bitter Respite   Fri 17 Jan 2014, 01:08

Eaton continued his habit of listening intently, by staring off into space. When Zas mentions that he wants to go ahead to try and contact the Garou, he shakes his head but doesn't interrupt.

As he wraps up talking about how he hopes the Garou will be more willing to talk than a random party, he lets out a rough sigh,

"It certainly sounds like the Garou are part of problem; why else are they raidin' full moon? Yeah, talkin' to humans won't really help but if they're simply bein' told what to do, that doesn't get us anywhere."

He turns to face Zas, frustration apparent in his eyes,

"These Garou are just as Comanche as you are Apache. They might not even wanna talk! What then, you're out there all by yourself howlin' and yappin."

He motions to Kefka and looks for his agreement,

"If we introduce ourselves as agents offerin' legitimate land, I think that's a better place to start talkin. And if they ain't keen on that. . ."

With that, he shoots Rends a smirk and a nod.
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PostSubject: Re: A Bitter Respite   Fri 17 Jan 2014, 22:27

Zoe listens distractedly to the men as they talk, still plagued with thoughts of the so-called Miracle and the documents concerning Chief Bowl.  Her mind then wanders to the mass grave they stumbled upon on the way into town and the involvement of the Rangers, according to Eaton's vision versus their own telling of the encounter.  She shakes her head then narrows her eyes at Eaton.

"Personally, I think Zas's plan has some merit to it. His Apache heritage will be recognized by any Comanche we encounter, human or Garou, but in Lupus form, only the Garou might recognize him as such, and even so, our human heritage is not so obvious in our creature forms."

She turns to Zas, though still addresses the Galliard.

"Additionally, the Litany is the law and must be followed by all Garou, Apache, white, and Comanche alike. Five, sorry, Penelope, six Garou waltzing into Comanche territory unannounced will only bring more hostility. Are you planning on announcing us to the other Garou in homid form in front of the human?"

Looking back to Eaton her eyes narrow again. "Introducing ourselves as agents offering legitimate land is deception and will likely be seen through. Besides, Comanche seem to live to exert their power over others. Do you really think they would be interested in the offer of land?  It's like offering Rends here a finished fight that he didn't get to participate in."

The young theurge shakes her head slowly, releasing a frustrated sigh.

"Personally, I don't like anyof this," she says with a wave of her arms.  "The captive 'Miracle,' the dead bodies outside of town, the letters from Chief Bowl, the thought of just waltzing into Comanche territory with nothing more than our charm and quick wit.  None of this sits right with me."

Zoe walks to the nearby window, gazes up at the moon, and begins muttering prayers to Gaia.
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Fae Carver


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PostSubject: Re: A Bitter Respite   Sat 18 Jan 2014, 00:54

"Well excuse me Zoe, if I recall right our charm and quick wits have saved us numerous times." Kefka takes out a Bowie knife and begins sharpening it. "I do believe I am with Leper Friend on this one. We will all need to stick together on this one. As you told me earlier Zas it's the arrow you don't see that will kill you. You can't watch your back while alone. I do think offering them land is the best solution. Yes it is a fool's notion and they will see through it...but I think it will amuse them to play along, because they should realize we also know how foolish it is. As long as we keep them guessing, that should buy us some time." He pauses and holds his knife in the moonlight admiring it. He smirks as he slowly returns it to it's sheath. "As for the Garou...we will have Ben with us. They can't fault us for not introducing ourselves when it would have broken the litany. And regardless of our your blood Zas, if we run into our kinfolk or Garou...they ought to know we are Garou and it wouldn't be their right to deal with us." Kefka smiles. "We would be taken to their Alpha. Who we probably need to be talking to anyway to sort out this mess."
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Zas B'ul


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PostSubject: Re: A Bitter Respite   Sat 18 Jan 2014, 03:50

Zas speaks quickly, "Allow me to bring something to light. I am not intending to be hours ahead of you. I am considering this mission as highly dangerous as facing Cordova. I will want to be within a few minutes at most distance from my pack. I am not so foolish as to think that I could survive long on my own. But I can hold my own if the need arises long enough for you all to arrive."

He pauses as he sees the others about to respond before adding, "Dealing with the Garou will undoubtedly be safer than other Comanche. The Comanche will see the offer of land as a weak mans pathetic plea for his life. The Garou who are among them however, will not see our passage onto their land without announcement as anything good, and with as tense as it is, anything that can be done to reduce tension--abide by the litany for example will go a long way."

He looks around and says, "I feel this to be the right decision. I will hear you out. Just know, that the offer of land is meaningless to them and that my decision will not be swayed easily on this matter. I will say no more until you all share your thoughts."
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PostSubject: Re: A Bitter Respite   

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A Bitter Respite
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