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 Drunken Rambling

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PostSubject: Drunken Rambling   Wed 15 Jan 2014, 21:10

Kefka was down in basement of Harriet's saloon. Finishing off a couple of drinks while waitin on Harriet to close up shop so once again he could share his affections with her. As he was waiting SlickBlood bustled on in to have a drink of his own. Kefka smiled as SlickBlood entered. He tipped his hat and poured SlickBlood a drink and offered him a seat at his table.
Kefla began talkin as SlickBlood made his way over.

"Evenin to you SlickBlood. There's a nice moon out tonight ain't there?" Kefka took a swig straight from the bottle before grinnin wildly. "You hear about me and Harriet? We are gonna have a kid." Kefka politely stares at SlickBlood waiting for a response. SlickBlood gives slowly grabs the drink that was poured for him and raises it in a toast before breathing it in, taking a big gulp, and settling down in the chair.

"It's about the only thing that has happened since that whole Cordova Fiasco. Nasty business that. I did alright for myself though. Dodging those silver bullets, blown up Cordova's secret weapon and saving the town. Rends may tell you it was him...but he shot and missed twice. I blasted the thing away with my shotgun. It was quite the pity though... He had a brand new rifle, so no way he can blame it on that." Kefka pauses again as he takes another drink. "And then before that I survived the black spiral poisoning. It don't matter it was a girl who bit me...or that she was 15...what matters is that I survived. I'm a scrawny rascal, even in Crinos. It's a gift of Luna I am still here in your presence." kefka laughs and stares off, trying to remember what happened before that. He smiles and snaps his finger "Before that was the Gaucho. You hear about him? His horse near trampled Zas to death, but I stopped horse mid charge. Held my ground and the poor devil just fell over. Then I beat his face in. Even impressed Rends that day." He rubs his chin... "asides that we convinced you lot to use Chief Bowl instead of the Bear Totem, not really sure why we were chosen to do that, but it certainly turned out for the best." he finishes the bottle and slumps to the table. "It's just so slow now SlickBlood. How is it you manage not goin crazy? We did so much, so soon, and then nothing. I admit I am excited about my child...but I am not ready yet to settle down and be a dad. I want to serve Gaia, to fight the Wyrm." Kefka looks at SlickBlood looking surprisingly sober. "I need a purpose again." kefka nods slowly and then passes out on the table gently snoring. Waiting for Harriet to come down and wake him up from his drunken slumber.
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Drunken Rambling
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