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 Eaton's Epic

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PostSubject: Eaton's Epic   Tue 14 Jan 2014, 23:32

Eaton smiled up at his elder, before he sat down and crossed his legs,

“Ever since I decided to follow that deed, I haven’t been able to catch a break. Following the letters instructions, I was led to the city of Nacogdoches. Or rather, a small group of fellow Garou discussing things nearby. Turns out we all got the same letter telling us to go there, so I introduced myself. As Gaia would have it, each of us was a different Auspice and ‘bout the same age.”

He looked away from McLeod and pointed out his pack-mates around the crowded room,

“That Ahroun’s name is Rends-The-Gar. He took a cannonball to the chest and shrugged it off- didn't even flinch. That guy is Zas. For a Philodox, he’s been surprisingly quiet lately, but you know what they say about the still waters. And that good sir, havin’ some moonshine, is our Ragabash, Mocks-The-Night.  Oh! And that’s Hears-The-Song, who has healed the members of our pack more times than we deserve.” His gaze moves to Penelope,
“And she comes in a little later. Anyway, turns out none of ‘em had met a Bone Gnawer before, so they had no idea of what I’d be like.  Though they’ve put up with me this long.” He said with a shrug.

“I found out that these folks were trying to figure out a big mess: That jerk Cordova had stirred up a rebellion that would mess up everyone’s- Garou and Kinfolk alike- lives. When I got there, the current dilemma was who would defend The Camino Real Caern from his incoming onslaught- A Great Bear Spirit or enlist the help of an Cherokee Chief who was an ancient Garou named Chief Bowl.”

Eaton held up both of his hands and looked at his right one,

“If we choose Bear, he would be able to thrash anyone who dared trespass on our sacred ground. However, that would bring about a change in the nature of the Caern; the spirit in charge of over lookin’ the site, Papa Stagecoach was well liked and if went, folks may not be too happy about that.”

He shifted his gaze over to his left palm,

“The other plan was to let the Chief guide the Garou in charge of the Caern into the Abyss, and cut off the wyrm taint was that powering him. This plan was riskier as it meant that we gotta find other ways to defend the Caern. Though the Papa Stagecoach could stay in power.”  

He put his hands down and looked back at McLeod,

“We eventually decided to follow the Silver rule- Piss off the fewest people- and by selecting the chief, we were able to do just that. Once that ball was rolling, we officially formed our Pack: The Prodigals. Soon after that, when we were catching a break in town, another problem came up.”

“We heard that a farm a way’s from the city was raided by a group of Indians let by a white man. That sounded weird enough that we just had to check that out. Glad we did, cause this is where she comes in.” He said as he pointed to Penelope.

“That white man proved to be a Black Spiral Dancer. He kidnapped several children from the farm, including her, and dragged them into the Umbra. We charged in after them, not wanting to think of what he was planning to do to ‘em.”

He motioned back to Rends-The-Gar,

“Our Ahroun took him apart in a blink of an eye- Thought the wyrm would try harder than that- But one of the kids underwent their first change before our eyes, and she gave poor Mocks a beating before . . .”

He smiled as he pulled out his spoons,

“I played these. The soothing melody calmed her rage and put her to sleep. Course, then we needed to figure out what to do with her. Rends was eager to let her have it as was Mocks, but me, Hears-The-Song and Zas argued against them; I wasn’t about to let her be betrayed by her heritage. We managed to get her back to the Caern leader, Red Oath, who understood where we were coming from. She agree that those at the caren would help Penelope; Zas and I actually took the time to teach her the ways of the Garou, about the litany, roles in our society, and all that great stuff.”

He put his “instrument” away and looked back at Penelope, a small smile appearing on his face,

“She’s on her way to becoming a great warrior for Gaia.”

He turned his attention back to his elder,

“So as if the wyrm wasn’t enough of a problem, there was another jerk in town to worry ‘bout. This guy with the name of Sterne was a devotee of the Weaver. He warned us that if we failed to defend Nacogdoches, he would take action himself.”

He scratched behind his ear with a slight wince,

“I kinda wish we treated that more as a threat, but we had other business to attend to: Just a short time later, Cordova and his army marched towards Nacogdoches, and in turn, the Caern. Worse, we learned that his forces had secured a strange weapon that threatened to level the city.”

He held out his hand and swept it wide in front of him,

“Rends and Mocks set off to try and sabotage the threat as Zas and I went to intercept Cordova’s forces from converting Cherokee from a nearby village. Hears-The-Song stayed at the Caern and summoned spirits to aid in its defense. The Ahroun and Ragabash found Codova's weapon, a huge organ-gun, which they destroyed through a combination of quick wits and a lot of luck. Our Theurge held her own against any and all attacks against the Caern. Zas and I . . . Well, after this,”

He removed his shirt so that his newest scar was clearly visible: Spreading out from his collarbone down to his upper chest and reaching up onto his neck were blotches of discolored skin, wrinkled and slightly swollen.

“. . . We stopped Cordova’s men from recruitin’ anyone from the village. But it was a hell of a fight- there were mockeries and a wyrm sorcerer there, and he scorched me a bit before I managed to dismember him. Anyway, each of us fought our way back the Caern, just as Corvoda himself made his move. To make matters worse, that damn Stern decided to turn against us right then, forcing to defend the sacred site from two forces at once. Due to his insistence on usin’ silver, he turned out to be far more vicious than we thought.”

As Eaton reached this point in his story, he reached up and scratched his forehead. He couldn’t actually remember what happened next with his frenzy clouded mind, but he recalled what the others had told him,

“Rends bravely charged Cordova, while Mocks and Zas picked off their forces one by one. Hears-The-Song and I went after Stern.  As Rends tore into our great foe, Cordova suddenly disappeared into the umbra, taking our Ahroun with him! We didn’t have much time to even think about that, silver bullets and blood flying all around us. With the help from the spirits our Theurge summoned, we defeated the misguided humans and ran them off. Between her and my attacks, Stern didn’t stand a chance, and he was torn to ragged pieces even as he reached the Caern's heart.”

“Just when we thought we had lost Rends, he and the rest of our Sept-mates returned! Turns out between them, the wyrm spirit controlling Cordova had nowhere to hide. It was cornered and destroyed.”

“The Caren had a bit of fixin' that need to be done, as did the Garou who defended it. We stuck around for the months that followed, each of us helpin’ out anyway we could. Course, all of us grew restless and wanted to venture off- Rends wanted to kill something challenging, Hears-The-Song wanted to see more spirits, Zas was getting itchy feet, and Mocks- I guess he’s just gotta come with us. It was about that time when it was decided that our pack would escort Penelope down south so that she could finish up her training as Garou. And just so happens, y’all were on the way.”

Eaton smiled wider,

“Not bad for my first real adventure as a Bone Gnawer, don’t ya think?”
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Eaton's Epic
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