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 Payin' Dues.

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Rends the Gar


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PostSubject: Payin' Dues.   Thu 09 Jan 2014, 23:43

A week after the attack on the Caern, Rends-the-Gar decided to approach Red-Oath. It was nearly midnight, but he'd put this off long enough and it was time it got done.

He found Red Oath as she was leaving the Caern for the night, headed towards the Camino and back into town.

"Hey Red! Holt up a minute, I gotta talk to ya."

Red managed to suppress a sigh as she came to a stop and turned towards the large man. Rends nodded to her and started walking alongside her as he spoke.

"So I know and you know that I been killin' worm critters since the day I got here and they only got nastier and nastier, but I still gotta make a boast to move up in the ranks. So here it is."

He counts them off on his fingers, ticking off his accomplishments like it's just every day business.

"I helped discover the Cordova rebellion and what a threat they were. I fought the Gaucho and gave him a whoopin' along with my pack that he'll be cryin' about forever down in the Abyss. It was thanks to my tracking that we found Penelope and the Carmichael children. I killed a Black Spiral Dancer without even breakin' a sweat. Tore out his throat through his ugly face. I went with only Mocks the Night to take out a serious threat to the city before it got to the city. I charged into entrenched men with silver bullets and sent them to their graves without taking a hit. And when Cordova got to the Caern I chased him straight to Hell and held him there long enough for y'all to come in and finish the job. Without any a' that goop Chief Bowl gave to y'all to protect ya neither."

He considers for a moment, making sure he hasn't forgotten anything.

"All in all I reckon that's pretty damn good for a pup."

He turns to face Red, more serious now.

"I am Rends the Gar. I have fought, and I have paid my price in blood. I own a piece of this Caern with the price of my blood. I fight for Gaia and send her enemies howling into the abyss, crying for a more final end than death. I am Garou, and I'm only jest gettin' started."
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Payin' Dues.
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