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Zas B'ul


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PostSubject: Back to Business   Thu 09 Jan 2014, 11:54

Zas had waited roughly about a month after Cordova and Sterns attack on the caern before he approached Red Oath. He knew that the loss of All Friend and the others in the abyss weighed heavily upon her mind. He saw Red Oaths hunting down of the runaway enemy forces as her means of dealing with grief.

After the month ended though he had asked to speak with her when she had a moment. The time had finally arrived where she could spare him some of her attention and he began, "I have little to say that is of news to you. However, I feel that the time has come for me to be recognized for some of my recent deeds. I will begin by saying that upon arrival to Nacodoches I helped defend this caern from those humans who may have stumbled across it. I spared their lives graciously, when I didn't need to. They were hunting one of us after all. But, rather than stopping there I followed the litany to the letter and upon your orders investigated Stern and his problem. Upon closer inspection I discovered Stern to be of the weaver and a true threat to this caern. However when I looked into his "problem" I uncovered the presence of Cordova and his plans to destroy all of Nacodoches and those living within, through his connection to the Wyrm."

Zas huffs as he continues, "I then faced down the beast that was El Gaucho and his vicious steed and proved triumphant. His vileness will never be seen again. Upon returning to the city, we discovered the Presence of chief Bowl and I successfully negotiated a peace treaty with him, in addition to gaining his aid in the defense of the caern."

Zas then looks her firmly in the eyes as he continues, "I then rescued the Carmichael family from the Black Spiral who also had intended to claim another Garou, Penelope. She is alive today because I saved her. I then instructed her in the ways of the Garou and taught her the Litany."

He pauses as that sets in and then begins again, "I then protected the kinfolk of Nacodoches and those in the Cherokee village by destroying the combined forces of Stern and Cordova. The caern was kept safe despite the fact that my enemies outnumbered me by 3 to 1, and were armed with Silver weaponry. The Camino Real Caern still belongs to Gaia due to my actions. All my foes are dead but I remain, standing on the right hand of Gaia."

Zas considers how he will say what he says next carefully before adding with softened eyes and a more comforting demeanor, "My pack is still alive and well despite the attempts my enemies made to crush them."

He then returns to his former stance and shifts into Hispo as he howls out loudly, "I am Zas B'ul, member of the Prodigals, a Silent Strider, a Warrior of Gaia, a defender of Luna, keeper of truth. Fear me!"
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