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 Rage Across Texas Part 1: Fires Of Rebellion

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PostSubject: Rage Across Texas Part 1: Fires Of Rebellion   Sat 04 Jan 2014, 21:43

Directly after Cordova's destruction, the Garou of Nacogdoches had little time to rest or mourn their dead. Pockets of tenacious rebels tainted by Cordova's evil were hunted down relentlessly, as were the few surviving New Orleans Greys that had so brazenly attacked the Caern. Hears-the-Song was dismayed to find that Aldolphus Sterne's treacherous magic had damaged the Caern's totem spirit, and in the weeks following the attack, Papa Stagecoach grew weak and withdrawn. Red-Oath was forced to call for reinforcements from back east, and over the summer months the Caern was slowly bolstered by new packs of Iron Riders arriving from New Orleans, Houston, and Philadelphia. In time, the combined efforts of the Iron Rider theurges rejuvenated the gregarious totem, but the influences of the Weaver were unmistakable.

In the months following the Cordova Rebellion, the Spinning Wheels quietly expanded their control over Nacogdoches: Poet-Slayer bought out the Texas Gazette and appointed himself editor. Slick-Blood managed to get himself elected county post-master. Red-Oath stayed behind the scenes, but her influence was considerable. Some townsfolk considered her a guardian angel while others saw her as a legendary criminal; either way, the cunning Philodox was poised to guide the Garou, mortals, and spirits of Nacadoches County well into the future.  

Without Lune-Stalker's participation in the Caern, Peace-in-Strength and Rita Hidalgo grew increasingly alienated and marginalized, and as the summer drew to a close the two Children of Gaia prepare to dissolve their pack and go their separate ways.

In the aftermath, the Prodigals aided their surviving brothers and sisters, but none felt truly at home with the Camino Real Caern, and as the summer wore on, their dubious reputation as children of Old Coyote had begun to overshadow their accomplishments during the Battle of Nacogdoches.

Zas B’ul aided Chief Bowl and the Cherokee Nation to the best of his ability, but he began to feel the urge to wander, the presence of the restless dead looming like shadows in his mind.

Rends-the-Gar was happy for a time, basking in the glory afforded by tracking and slaying Gaia’s foes, but as summer drew to a close and the Caern grew, challenging enemies grew harder and harder to come by.

Hears-the-Song strove to heal the wounded of the Caern, spirit and Garou alike. However, her insatiable curiosity and propensity for experimentation sometimes got her into trouble, and she found herself yearning for new locales to explore.

Leper-Friend recorded the tales of the victorious Camino Real Garou, but despite his actions in defense of the Caern, the new Iron Rider packs treated him with veiled derision, if not open contempt.  

Mocks-the-Night’s relationship with Harriet deepened, though Red-Oath kept a close eye on the wild New Moon and he was beginning to feel a bit stifled; he sometimes wondered if his tight leash was due to being a ragabash or a Shadow Lord…

During the attack on Nacogdoches, Penelope managed to claim a pair of twisted Abyss-spawned mockeries as kills. In the ensuing months, she continued her training as a warrior, her dark past a secret known only to a few.  The young Garou was eager and intelligent, but her rage burned hot, even for an Ahroun. Her training as a pup was coming to an end, and it was decided that she should be taken to the south in the fall, when a pack could be spared to see her safely to Malchizedek.

After the battle, Harriet continued running her saloon, which prospered as trade flowed through the city. Mocks-the-Night’s amorous attentions eventually led to her getting pregnant, and as fall approaches Harriet decided to take a hiatus from innkeeping and rest, knowing that a winter birth would be no small undertaking.

The Carmichaels settled in Nacogdoches, not far from Harriet’s saloon. The Garou watched over them closely, and Poet-Slayer even gave Anna a job working as a columnist in the paper under a male pseudonym. Red-Oath has decided to preserve the Veil and let them live in peace.  

With Cordova’s disappearance, General Rusk easily crushed the disparate rebel forces wandering outside of Nacogdoches. Those captured alive were indicted on charges of treason and hauled away, to await public trials in Houston. Rusk remained in Nacogdoches County, setting it up as his primary base of operations for his militia. Though he still regarded the Cherokee with suspicion, he had no way of proving Fields or Bowl's involvement with the insurrection.

Following the battle, Horace made his intentions clear to the Garou of the Camino Real: his employers, the mysterious Invisible Exchequer, had been considering the viability of investing in Nacogdoches. Horace believed that such a venture would be more trouble than it was worth, while Sterne was convinced that they could harness the Caern’s powers to turn a sizeable profit. Horace informed them that with Sterne out of the way, he is free to pursue less risky business ventures elsewhere, and that the magi of the Exchequer would leave them in peace.  

The Cherokee had been successfully defended from Cordova’s marauders and the militia. In the wake of All-Friend’s death, a new Indian agent was appointed to head the Texas Bureau of Indian Affairs, a well-heeled mulatto by the name of William Goyens. Though he had no knowledge of the Garou, he contacted both Mocks-the-Night and Leper-Friend and offered them salaried positions as agents, in order to stay informed of the doings of the natives and also to provide a point of contact for the Republic.  

Chief Bowl’s journey into the Abyss left him a husk of a man. The emptiness in his eyes was apparent, and it was said that he has fallen into harrano, the deep despair that underlies the rage of the Garou. Richard Fields gradually assumed leadership of the Cherokee Nation. He was thankful to the Prodigals for all they had done, and he spoke with them often, apprising them of the state of the Cherokee Nation as well as the disposition of the other nearby tribes, including the Kickapoo and the Shawnee. For the time being, the Cherokee were allowed to keep their land and though there was still much bad blood between the Indians and the whites, for the summer at least they were able to live in unison.
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Rage Across Texas Part 1: Fires Of Rebellion
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