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 The Aftermath

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PostSubject: The Aftermath   Wed 01 Jan 2014, 10:37

As rays of sunlight illuminated the caern, Zoe stood awash in a flood of emotions. Though physically unharmed, she was exhausted emotionally and mentally. The events of the preceding night were completely unexpected. Yes, they had counted on Cordova and his cronies and even had some intel concerning the large gun. Yes, they knew the militia was in town to fight Cordova. However, none of them had expected Stern to turn against them and send silver-bullet-packing militiamen against the caern in an attempt to take the spiritual oasis for himself.

It was that specific turn of events that resulted in the Spinning Wheels, Irregulars, and Prodigals standing over the lifeless body of the one they called All-Friend. Though as much had not been said, Zoe assumed that Lune Stalker and Ramirez had been lost in the Abyss in their otherwordly fight against the monstrous Cordova, who had nearly ended the life of their own powerful ahroun.

So much death and fighting all in the span of what felt like an eternity but was likely only mere moments. She turned to the other Prodigals to assess their health. Kefka was a bit worse for the wear but would heal, as would the ahroun. However, once Eaton ceased his frenzy, he nearly collapsed to the ground in serious pain, his body terribly scorched.

She quietly made her way over to him and without asking began to heal his wounds. After a few moments, she looked up at him and smiled halfheartedly, shaking her head. There were no words, she simply rejoined the others as they paid homage to their fallen Garou brothers and sister.
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The Aftermath
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