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 A Gift of Earth

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Rends the Gar

Rends the Gar

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A Gift of Earth Empty
PostSubject: A Gift of Earth   A Gift of Earth EmptyWed 25 Apr 2018, 14:49

Moisture and the smell of clean Earth made the air thick and heady. An echoing drip could be heard ahead, but no source of water was to be seen in the cold Umbral cavern that Cenezoica called home.

Rends stepped into the main chamber, ducking between low fangs of stone. He doffed his hat, going down to one knee before the spirits aspect.

"Thank you for seeing me, Cenezoica. The gifts you've taught me have served The Mother well, from the Umbral planes to the heart of the Abyss. I reckon they ain't a Wyrm critter out there who hasn't heard of the hell we rain down on our enemies."

He bows his head in respect before rising to his feet.

"Today I need another Gift from you. Name yer chiminage, and teach me to Shake the Earth. I's in need of a direct route to Hell occasionally."
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The Laughing Stranger
The Laughing Stranger

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A Gift of Earth Empty
PostSubject: Re: A Gift of Earth   A Gift of Earth EmptyThu 26 Apr 2018, 22:46

Through the subterranean gloom, Rends could just make out the petrified face of the cthonic spirit, eye sockets and cheek bones. The unmoving fossils were surrounded by roots and sleepily moving cicada nymphs, all half submerged in moist clay. The dull, reverberating thud of the spirit's voice flooded the cavern.

A wandering stone fell from heaven and found refuge in the bosom of Gaia, but it has been taken into bondage by humanity. I wish to safekeep the wayward stone in the world of spirits, at least for now, until the danger has passed.

You will find it above the earth, in a human village that stands near the arms of god. You have until the summer solstice to deliver this prize to me, or else I fear it will be too late.  

Cenezoica's words dropped an octave and pebbles and stones tore free from the rough hewn ceiling, plinking and crashing all around the Ahroun.

I know your need is great, faithful champion of the Get. I will teach you the sacred emanations, with the understanding that your task is as good as done. How do you find these terms?
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A Gift of Earth
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