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 Goin' Clubbin'

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Rends the Gar


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PostSubject: Goin' Clubbin'   Mon 02 Dec 2013, 00:56

Rends got up before the sun the morning after the Prodigals arrived back at the Caern. Sure the others would be out in town talkin' to the important folk, but he planned on having a full day himself even if he was confined to the Caern. He'd never been one for sleeping in anyways, so he got up early and had a quick breakfast before he went off to find Lune Stalker. He'd stayed up putting some finishing touches on his cannon ball, now all he needed was some spiritual guidance to finish his new toy.

He found her staring up at the moon as it dipped towards the horizon. She didn't seem to notice the pre dawn breeze blowing her wild hair into her open, unfocused eyes. Rends approached with trepidation, not quite sure how she'd react to him. He stood a few paces behind her for a minute or so, looking up at the moon too. It felt good to stare at her in the quiet for a while, and after a bit he felt his nervousness leave and shook the cobwebs from his head as he walks up to stand next to her.

"Hey Lune Stalker. Sorry about the whole thing with the bear Totem. For what it's worth, I reckon a big mean ol' cuss of a bear would be a mighty fine ally to have handy for most anything, but I gotta go with my pack on this one."

He looks down to her, trying to meet her eye as he lowers his voice to a near conspiratorial level.

"Jest between you and me, I still don't trust Chief Bowl for nothin', but everyone else seems pretty set on him. I reckon that means the sensible folk like you and me gotta make sure to do what we can to watch out for our own, if'n ya know what I mean. Everyone else may be taken in by him, but I reckon you and me can still watch everyone's backs anyhow."

He hefts the canon ball, now drilled through the middle and tied with a thick rope to a carved wooden handlebar with about three feet of rope between the ball and handle when stretched. The handle is a dark wood, the bark stripped off and the wood worked smooth. The handle is thick enough for the rope to run straight through it, the ends of the handle are carved in the shape of two wolves heads snarling with the rope coming out their mouths. The ball its self has been carved with the different symbols for the phases of the moon along its circumference, a howling wolf's head carved before the New Moon, and the clan symbol of the Get of Fenris carved after the Full Moon.

"I reckon we'll need all the weapons we can get for this. Think you can give me a hand makin' this into something to keep us all alive? I reckon I took this thing straight to the chest and shook it off, so it must be lucky."
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Goin' Clubbin'
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