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 A Deserved Explanation

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PostSubject: A Deserved Explanation    Mon 08 Jan 2018, 17:40

Once the Prodigals plus Fae Carver decided on the general direction they would go to find the elusive mine and started on their way, Eaton maneuvered next to the Fianna. It didn’t make a whole lot of sense to leave Eiger out of the loop- nearly everyone the prodigals had met heard news of the Storm Eater- it was their go-to argument for getting Garou to co-operate after all. Instead of motivated or awed at Rends or Zas’ explanation, Carver instead just seemed confused.
The Galliard couldn't help but feel a little blame, he had actually meant to share their experiences with the corrupted spirit the night before, but that cot had seemed too inviting.

“So, judgin’ from how you’re reactin’ news of the Storm Eater hasn’t made its way across the pond.” Eaton said, “I reckon so you know what we’re dealin’ with, it’d be best if I filled ya in.” He paused and looked at Far Carver, “ But first, ya ain’t prone to faintin’, are ya?”
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A Deserved Explanation
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