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 A letter and a cheap bullet

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The Laughing Stranger

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PostSubject: A letter and a cheap bullet   Sun 17 Sep 2017, 20:37

Misters Clemmons and Kevianov, as well as the delightful Miss Kostas,  

I am sorry that we could not meet in person, but I wished to express my gratitude. Had the vampires been allowed any further north, their numbers would have only grown.
You have played your part well.

However, one can only wonder if there will be more crossing the Rio Grande as we speak. The dead multiply faster than rats in Mexico- or so they say.

If there is to be a war, you are the front line. I wish you all the best of luck, with the exception of the half-breed and the redskin. If they fall in the coming battles, I would laugh with joy.

Your northward-bound cousin,

Commander John S. Ford


Bertram, L.
Helena, S.
Paloma, E.
Jones, J.
Jones, K.
Henderson, I.

Rest In Peace

These are the riders you sent to their dark reward. Thank you for ridding my posse of the ill-disciplined and cumbersome. In recompense I made sure their armaments were not of high caliber silver, of which I still possess the lion's share.
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A letter and a cheap bullet
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