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 Dear Journal

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Fae Carver

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Dear Journal Empty
PostSubject: Dear Journal   Dear Journal EmptySat 16 Sep 2017, 02:21

When Kefka came in to the Wolf Tail Den it was still quite lively. Harriet and Silka had taken to running this place like Rends took to fighting. He nimbly dodged one of the newer waitresses and some drunken patrons as he approached the bar to give his wife a kiss. She happily greeted him and eyed him hungrily, before returning her attention to the eager customers. Kefka smiled as he snuck behind the bar and grabbed one of his favorite bottles. He waved to Silka as he made his way to his room and when he made it he checked on Jakob and Jasnah, kissing each of them on the forehead.

He finally sat down at his desk where only the moonlight was shining through and opened the journal. While touching it he made a thought and tried to communicate with whoever was inhabitating it.

"My name is Kefka Kevianov, Mocks the Night. I am the Scorned Son of Doom and Thunder, Scion of the Shadowlords. You are currently in my house and if you get out of hand here... I will lose my manners. I presume you are Ingrid, yes? Were you forced to work with or rather for the vampires, or did you make the choice of your own volition?"
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Dear Journal
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