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 Sweat lodge Pt. 2

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Sweat lodge Pt. 2 Empty
PostSubject: Sweat lodge Pt. 2   Sweat lodge Pt. 2 EmptyWed 12 Apr 2017, 00:37

Each pack member slowly refocuses staring hard back into the thick cloud as the Apache warrior's voice by this point has devolved into raw and wild, unrestrained, fierce, shouting but unrelenting pounding on the drum. The pack philodox form is still shrouded deep within the choking smoke. The rest of the pack is covered in sweat, as the heat by this point is enough to make some of the pack wonder how the wooden structure around them has not been set ablaze.

But as their collective focus hones in, from within the smoke, a pair of glowing white unblinking eyes looks down at them. The eyes were unnerving, but still yet familiar. As the pack looked on, the eyes turned away, seeming to act as spot lights as from elsewhere in the smokecloud a scene began to form.

A lone figure-who seems to resemble an indian chieftain stands atop on a hill overlooking a valley. He is quickly surrounded in a dark cloud, and his vision is obscured. Blindly and silently the figure turns around and points down at a group of people as black thick impenetrable clouds form behind him stretching from the ground to the sky, and the people beneath him one by one are snuffed out.

It's at this point another figure emerges. Crawling out of the ground wearing a large ratskin across his shoulders. This new indian brave approaches the man atop the hill and waves away the cloud obscuring the blinded mans vision and suddenly attacks. The ratskin on the man's shoulders comes alive and morphs with the man wearing it and together they begin gnawing at something. The pack focuses harder to see hidden thick strands of web binding the first man's hands into a single position- pointing at the people below. The rat warrior then vanishes back underground. The man he freed then turns around, his eyes full of anger and points into the thick cloud behind him.

As soon as the man points at the cloud, a fully armed terrifying indian warrior on horseback wearing a wolf skin on his back appears and charges from out of the forest into the dark thick mists. A loud whooping war cry can be heard echoing as it resonates in the small smoke filled space, but the cloud obscures all view.

Suddenly A great dark red eyed serpent slithers from out of nowhere, causing some of the pack to jump in fear. The mounted brave heads to attack this giant snake alone, his spear attacks chipping off scales one after another before finally dealing a deep wound that causes the serpent to violently squirm. Upon seeing this, the Warrior leaps from the steed and morphs with the wolf skin he wore and begins viciously  tearing into the deep wound he caused.

The wolf warrior makes to raise his bloody maw to howl in fury but is forced to leap off the creatures' body as the twisted serpent tries to bite him. As the snake moves preparing to strike at the wolf skinned brave however-from behind the snakes head, the dark black cloud gives way for a moment as a single arrow is fired. The snake narrowly dodges it letting out a loud hiss. However, the area the snake had dodged to has miraculously been cleared of any clouds and is instead filled by a dark vortex of arrows which proceed to rain down upon the serpent. A shadowy archer appears for a moment as a low rumbling of thunder is heard in the distance before again vanishing into the smoke.

The snake is knocked back as the arrows find their mark and are buried within it's serpentine form, but it lashes out and hits the wolf warrior who is knocked off his feet as he managed to avoid the attack but left defenseless. The snake readies itself to strike, as the wolf warrior struggles to regain his footing but never takes his gaze from the snake.

Right as the serpent makes to lunge forwards, a lightning bolt fires down from the clouds striking the ground between the two. As the blazing light fades a single indian woman stands before the snake bearing a round iron shield full of arrows that are planted along the perimeter of the shield. The snake undeterred tries to reach out to strike the unsteady wolf warrior but is held fast by the woman who begins taking the arrows from the shield and thrusting them deep into the underbelly of the snake, pinning its wretched form to the ground.

The warrior is then helped back to his feet by the first man the pack had seen who had stood atop the hill. The man then walks over to the snake and gives it a once over before then turning back to look at the rest of those who had aided in the fight, the woman and wolf warrior having been joined by the shadowy archer and ratskinned brave. The man looks back to the snake and points his thumb down.

As one, each person raises their feet and stomps to finish off the pinned wounded snake letting out a loud war cry in unison. The strength and power of the cry is overwhelming and deafening as the pack is joined by a spiritual host of untold hundreds of thousands of native american war cries and whoops who seem to appear from out of the smoke, their victory cheers reverberating within each of the pack members spiritual cores.

The purple tinted smoke at this point begins to thin out and the smoky figures dissipate. Light and outside sounds begin to again penetrate the room and it very rapidly becomes much easier to breathe, which the garou present are all grateful for, taking in deep breaths. The fire has at this point burnt out but the residual heat is beginning to diminish, albeit slowly.

The Silent Strider speaks, "It’s by learning how to die, examining yourself and transforming your old self into a new self, that you actually live more intensely"

As The smoke fully clears, each pack mate notices something has been painted onto their body. Eaton-has yellow handprint painted on his chest over his heart; Rends has a red handprint on his bicep;
Mocks-a single black streak down his face; Zoe-a green mark on her hands; Zas-whole body is covered in white ash, but he is otherwise unmarked.

Zas instructs the pack to greet one another as if meeting for the first time, since they are different now. He points to each marking indicating that each color represented a different type of chief. Yellow was a heart chief, or one who protected the innocent. Red was for a war chief or one who claimed blood of vengeance. Black was for a shadow chief or one who tried to countered the enemy with strategy anticipating enemy moves. Green for medicine chief, the one who tends to the sick and the spirits. And white for the peace chief.

The Apache looks tired but pleased. Everyone is drenched and soaked in sweat but is generally smiling, as be says "All were transformed as each spirit has been cleansed. Out of the darkness came a new beginning, and without doubt, I think we all will be able to feel closer to both one another and the Spirit that dwells within each of us again. The poison inside has been eradicated. The inipi is finished."

Crawling out of the lodge, the pack was left more or less speechless by both the beauty of the moment and the fresh coolness of the evening air. After the dark, harsh, oppressive heat and the deep, soul and spirit cleansing, the approaching storm seemed distant and Luna's tender light shone all around the place.
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Sweat lodge Pt. 2
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