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 Questions in Need of Answers

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PostSubject: Questions in Need of Answers   Thu 01 Dec 2016, 00:30

As the Prodigals followed their newly-chosen leader out of O'Toole's house, Zoe caught sight of a familiar silhouette in the penumbra.

"I'll catch up with you guys back at the caern," Zoe declared without further explanation as she stepped sideways.

The Theurge paused for a moment to gaze once again in awe at O'Toole's house. He was an incredibly brilliant and powerful man. She was lucky to have spent time with him now and as a child, even if she could not remember it.

She turned her eyes back toward her intended target as she approached the water's edge. She stood beside him, looking out at the penumbral gulf.

"Good evening, Father. What brings you - a powerful spirit of memory - to the home of the man who claims to have raised me as a father but I have no memory of?"

Her words are not harsh or biting, but they carry a clear air of suspicion.
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PostSubject: Re: Questions in Need of Answers   Fri 02 Dec 2016, 16:47

The towering shape of Mnemosyne shimmered as he approached the beach, wading through the depths with the aid of a great, razor-edged spear. A sharp breeze swept in off the water, the sea-smells intermixed with the scent of half-remembered summer nights and mountains Zoe had never seen. The Incarna's Apollonian proportions shrank until it was just a man walking through the shallows, his dark hair and beard dampened by the salt surf. His soaked clothes were that of a sailor, and Zoe could make out a few faded tattoos emerging from his shirt sleeves to end just above his wrists. His spear similarly diminished, shrinking down so that it could be comfortably held.

"There is no need to be formal, little one." Tycheros said.

"I am here because of you."

The pair of them walked down the beach as Luna slipped ever lower toward the horizon.

"You nearly died this night. It was not only O'Toole's gadgets that alerted him to your plight- I walked in his dreams and led him to you.

"I am also here because you gave up the memories of your time with O'Toole in order to destroy the Wyrm's bastard, Chrysaor. Without that deed, I would likely have been banished or even destroyed."

Tycheros held out the spear, offering Zoe to inspect it. As her hands ran over the polished cool surface, she detected a hairline crack, half-hearing the echoing death cry of the greed spirit.

"You sacrificed a great deal... and though I care little for meddlesome 'enlightened' humans and the damage they wreak, O'Toole did what I could not. He raised you."

Tycheros' jaw was set, but his eyes were wet with tears of frustration.

"After all, he was able to see you grow up from a wild young hellion into a smart and capable woman... he was more of a father to you than I ever was." Even as Tycheros spoke the words, father and daughter came to a halt, the relentless tide scouring the sand behind them, washing away their footprints.
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PostSubject: Re: Questions in Need of Answers   Sat 03 Dec 2016, 15:07

Zoe looked up at her father, who still stood a good six inches above her, even in his human form. Her smile was genuine, but her eyes were sad.

"You did what Gaia required of you, Fath-...Papa. She made sure that I had someone to care for me in your absence and then made a way for you and me to be reunited again. Perhaps ours was not an ideal situation, but if it makes you feel any better, you're a far better father than Kefka's or Rends' was."

She realized as soon as she spoke that she really wasn't saying much with that compliment and decided instead to change the subject.

"You said that I sacrificed my memories of O'Toole in order to defeat Chrysaor and save you from death or banishment. I guess in the nature of a true sacrifice, I probably cannot get those memories back, can I?"

She paused for a moment, considering her request. "Or perhaps I would be better served without those memories. I can know both you and O'Toole now as an adult and nothing more than that. Then I wouldn't feel any more connected to him than I am to you."
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PostSubject: Re: Questions in Need of Answers   

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Questions in Need of Answers
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