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 Stormcrow Message

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PostSubject: Stormcrow Message   Sun 27 Nov 2016, 18:18

Barthos flew off towards the Wolf Tail Den at his master's command. The rain was merciless in the physical world but it bothered him none. The rain had the inn's patrons in bed early. They would want to leave at dawn when the rain let up to make up for lost time. He emerged from the Umbra in Silke's room as she was putting Jack back to sleep. He gave an awkward bow as Silke noticed his presence and held Jack closer to her defensively. His words were elegant but forced.

"Pardon the intrusion. I mean you no harm. I come to you by the command of My Master Kefka. Rends has not been acting like himself as of late, and Kefka is attributing it to missing you and little Jack there. He requests that you write an encouraging letter to Rends. Perhaps remind him of what he is fighting for, and who he has waiting for him back at home. I will remain here while the letter is penned and deliver it at once."
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Stormcrow Message
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