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 The Impermanent Death

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The Laughing Stranger
The Laughing Stranger

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The Impermanent Death Empty
PostSubject: The Impermanent Death   The Impermanent Death EmptyThu 29 Sep 2016, 21:55

Salts-the-Wound stood across the open grave, looking at Zas with pale eyes that never cried. Night was coming on, and a storm seemed to be rolling in on the eastern horizon.

There was no one else there, at this lonely grave a stones-throw from the great gulf sea. There was a single lonely and dead tree overshadowing the freshly-dug hole, and Zas was surprised to see a coffin lying down there, amidst the wet clay.

As soon as he got inside, Salts-the-Wound placed the lid on top and nailed it down. He could hear the scrape-thump, scrape-thump of the shovel as the Get of Fenris wordlessly filled in the hole. She tamped it down tight, and then dragged a crumbling chunk of jagged masonry from the shoreline, and then another and another, insurance that the punishment is meted out and that the time is served.

The top of the lid had broken under the weight of the stones, splintering inward painfully. Thanks to the spirit magic of the rite, Zas would not suffocate, but the scents were inescapable: the salty clay and rotten roots, the stink of the cheap pitch that held together the pinewood box...

Darkness gathered around the stone-marked grave, the only sound the wind whispering through the naked branches of the wizened tree and the slow lapping of the waves.
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The Impermanent Death
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