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 Rest in Peace

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Zas B'ul

Zas B'ul

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Rest in Peace Empty
PostSubject: Rest in Peace   Rest in Peace EmptySat 24 Sep 2016, 02:54

Silence. Quiet and still. Why are you like this? What happened here?

He called out aloud, but his voice was swallowed up and returned void.

The Silent Strider walked through the empty deserted space. What reason would you have to abandon this place? This makes no sense

He squatted down and lifted a dead leaf only to have it crumble into ashes as he lifted it up to inspect it closer.

The words of the mourning spirit Mi'so'sha', lingered like a heavy stone weighing his heart. "Never let something like this happen again." Is this caused by the handiwork of the witches I wonder? Their accomplices still running free...no, this feels different.

Zas B'ul turns to walk to the center of the wooded glen and notes how the only thing that can be heard are the soft foot steps he leaves as he walks. He hears his heart beating as loudly as war drums. His warm breath causes steam to roll out of his nostrils as he exhales into the crisp chilled air.

I don't understand. Who would have known about this place? How would they force all of you to go?

He turns to see several cracked and shattered bits of clay pots left laying in the middle of the ground. As he draws near to the pot pieces, he catches sight of the sky through the trees. It was grey. Dark and grey. Luna's light faintly peeked through the thick cloud cover before being completely lost in the mist.

Being alone was a normal feeling, almost comforting in a way as he had grown accustom to it, but here no sense of comfort could be found. No soft tender mercies could be felt. The air itself seemed to be both desolate and at the same time choking. The thick overcast sky and plethora of questions plaguing the stymied philodox did little to ease the ill feeling of dread.

Where was everyone? What happened to you? This place should be at peace.

Zas let out a low growl of frustration. I don't like this. This caern should not be like this.

He wandered around and through some of the simple, emptied native homes. He saw pans hanging over cold cooking hearths with fish filets still inside the pan with all the redeeming meaty portions of the fish gone leaving only the skeletal remains.
The Silent Strider ran his hand across the bare earthen walls feeling nothing but a sense of cold emptiness, save for a lit burning lantern which he proceeded to take as he walked around.

He walked slowly still rubbing his chin trying to piece everything together as he approached the river, or rather where the river used to be, as in it's place was nothing but dry riverbed.

The Trinity River Sept was here. Now it is not. There is nothing left and no one here. Even the river has fled.

"Why"?!? He screamed as the inner fury of luna's rage was gradually working it's way to his surface.

"HAheheha, how does it feel to know you have failed them all?!?" Crowed a spine chilling familiar dreaded voice.

Zas spun around already half way shifted into his war form as he howled looking to find his target, and where his first attack would be going, only to find nothing.

"HAHAAaaaaaa, no, no...I'm afraid that won't do. You see, we need to have a chat. You seem to have forgotten some things."

The Philodox was bordering on frenzying, as he frantically searched all around him looking for Hanging Maw. "Come out you murderous coward! Face your doom!"

"Hhaha, oh foolish child, you seem to have forgotten much. Do you not remember that I have been dead for a long time? There's nothing you can do to me. Besides...you're a peacekeeper-you're no warrior. Hah, no I think we must talk, so that's whats going to happen.

The Silent Strider let out a low deep growl as he stomped around his teeth bared, "I remember beating you twice before-and I am thinking my odds are looking good in making it happen again..."

There was a long pause.

"You honestly think you won? You are even dumber than I thought. I played you like a white man's fiddle hahahaeeeeha! And you think you beat me! Ha!"
The stinging words and wheezing guttural laughter rang in Zas's ears.

Zas spat at the ground, "What foul words do you wish to share before I rend you into Oblivion?"

Hanging Maw's voice echoed around the still area, his tone taking on a more serious sound,"You seem to have forgotten that it was you who first pleaded for my help. It was you who summoned forth my warriors. Everything that has happened as a result of our dealings is on you.
It was you who let that squaw die in Nacogdoches. You killed Chief Bowles by leaving him to die at the hands of the invaders who you so desperately, foolishly, cling to, serve and bow down to. It was you who let the Cherokee braves become forged into weapons for slavers. It was you who betrayed me when I came to your side to face the white witches. It was you who did not warn Scents the lies and Chief Direspirit of the Fenrir who marched to take their caern and slaughter them all as they slept."

Zas drops to his knees as all the painful memories assault and barrage his mind, and he begins to notice that now all around him was a sea of blood and burning native bodies; the lantern falling to his side.

The Spectre's voice continues, "You broke your word to protect and defend the pure- living and dead alike. You are not Tsalagiyi Nvdagi, you're not Natahay. You are nothing; A hollow empty shell. Your words mean nothing. You are not pure. You are one of them, a wyrmcomer. You are a disgrace and a failure to everyone..."

The philodox reverts back to his homid form, as the fire in his belly is quickly being subdued and overwhlemed by grief, pain and sorrow and the scent of blood and decay flood his senses.

Hanging Maw's voice grows soft, "Never fear though Snowy Owl. I will not abandon you. I remember who I am. I have given my word to be with you, forever. I keep my word. Hahahaha, you will never be rid of me..."

Zas cries out loud to no one as he tries to convince himself the words aren't true, "No! You're wrong!"

The wraith's voice begins to fade.

Unable to combat the feelings, his mind and body trying desperately to resist the crippling and crushing sense of guilt bearing down upon him he asks, "What can I do to make it right?"

The faintest whisper fills his mind, "Without the shedding of blood there can be no forgiveness. Prove that you are not the white man's slave--kill your leader, your oh so precious Alpha...then I will know you may be redeemable, or don't...doesn't matter to me, I'm not the one who has honor to try and regain."

Zas by this point is staring at the crimson ground on all fours, hands gripping clump fulls of what he hoped was soil as tears began to fall. His mind and emotions were reeling. The lantern still burning at his side.

His cries grow silent as the thought of murdering Rends the Gar passes through his head. Could he even do it? How would he do it? How would the pack react? Could he live with himself after the fact?

The lantern flame flickers for a moment.

The Philodox grits his teeth and clenches his fists. The avalanche of feelings of guilt, pain, sadness, and despair burn away as his rage comes surging forth again. His body rippling with black fur and corded muscle as he exploded into Crinos form. Howling a war cry, "NO! I will not suffer your lies you fallen serpent's son! You won't haunt me, I will hound you unto Oblivion! Now go to hell and die!!!"

He leaps forwards high into the air, razor sharp claws swinging like a whirling tornado of blades, bringing the lantern with him swirling around, the glass casing holding the flame within shattering causing the entire area to become wreathed in flames and black putrid smoke, that filled the air and blocked out all other light.

Above the dim of the smoke and flames a mad and sickening noise is heard, "haHhaheheha, you will never be rid of me..."


Zas wakes to hearing himself screaming out into the cool night air, his body pouring sweat, his blanket torn to shreds and tatters.

It was just nightmare...
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Rest in Peace
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