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 A new partnership

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Rends the Gar

Rends the Gar

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PostSubject: A new partnership   A new partnership EmptyThu 15 Sep 2016, 23:57

It was a quiet night. The only noise that broke the peace was the gentle song of crickets and rustling leaves all around the Prodigles. Sure, they made their own noise as they made camp and dug their fire pit and shared old jokes and familiar barbs. But that was a private thing, and didn't leave the bare hilltop where they made camp.

Dinner was caught and cooked, lots were drawn, and the watch set. Since he was second in tonight's rotation, Rends the Gar decided his time would be better spent planning than napping. He left Zas on watch with instructions to send the Stranger if he needed help, then made his way to a rocky outcropping overlooking the scraggly forest around them. Taking a seat on the bare stone, he set a metal clad skull across from him and stared at it for a drawn out few minutes before leaning forwards, unsure.

"Uh... hello? You in there, Omega?"

He prods a finger into the skull's eye socket.

The metal clad jaws rattled together and a cool blue light came to life within the eye sockets of the skull.

"I am, as you well know. You wish to discuss how best to take back the Artifact? I assure you my ocular receptors are optimally functional, there's no need to inspect them thank you."

Rends nodded.

"We's headed right into Robert's stronghold. I reck-"

"I've been running various simulations since assimilating this new form. While I am not able to access the synapses that form specific memories, I do have full access to the Apex Deviant's genetic material. Along with a strong desire to consume ethanol and a potentially magnificent beard there is burried here much in the way of behavioral precepts. Between this and the behavioral analysis I've compiled using your own memories and experiences with the northern savages supplemented with my own observations, I have run over one billion separate scenarios. Granted, my datapoints concerning Robert Swiftdeath are far from ideal, however even so I am confident in my projections. Eighty seven percent of these tests resulted in your own termination. Nine point eight-seven-three percent result in your acquisition of the Artifact. The balance range from various degrees of dismemberment to banishment."

Rends snaps his jaw shut at the deluge, staring at the skull for a moment after it finishes. Though fleshless, Omega manages to look somewhat quizzical as he regards the Garou.

"In one scenario you are made Emperor of Mexico after absconding with the Artifact. This is not likely, however as it is predicated upon you not only stealing the Artifact, but you must also be wearing a yellow three piece suit when you arrive at the Galveston docks."

Rends blinked.

"Uh, ya. Yellow ain't my color anyhow. You said I die eighty seven percent of the time? How can you know that?"

"Correct. While your own combat abilities are considerable, Robert Swiftdeath likely has access to many of the same abilities as you, and many other abilities due to his social standing. He also has years more experience in fighting duels. At least I assume as much. Again, my data concerning Robert is scarse but I doubt he spends his time knitting. It is also reasonable to assume he will have first hand reports from others of your tribe who can tell him of your combat style and abilities. And this is not even factoring in the enormous advantage he will have in simply having the Artifact at his disposal. In short, he likely knows all your tricks and you know only some of his. One does not need to be a super powerful artificial intelligence made with the combined computational might of all mankind's knowledge and arcane power in order to realize besting him in combat is a... tall order, as the locals would say."

Rends chuckled.

"Took you long enough to get to the point. Alright, so how do I beat him them other times?"

Omega's eyes flash and the toothy edifice breaks into what might be almost a grin.

"By far the most reliable method is poisoning. Either a lethal dose of silver oxide introduced via food or drink or a small dose of radioactive material would be enough to reliably achieve the desired result."

Rends spat, sneering.

"Out of the question. If I can't beat him in a fair fight, I deserve to die and the Get deserve a better Eldest."

Rends thought for a moment, then perked up.

"If he knows all my tricks, then I'll jest have to have some new tricks when I face him. He can't prepare fer what he cain't see comin', so that'll level the playing field some."

Omega grimaces.

"You are correct, however the data points for this are far from reliable. I am not programmed for combat, and so my ability to extrapolate the effectiveness of new techniques or abilities is unreliable at best, and my ability to conjure such things less so. My recommendation is that you allow your Beta to slip powdered silver into Robert's wine. Not only does it have the highest probability of achieving the desired result, it has a nice Shakesperian ring to it."

Rends shook his head, but his eyes were focused on their camp sight where he'd left a large bundle of salvaged scrap metal.

"Nah, I'd rather throw a spear."

Omega let out a low groan as Rends got up and grabbed the skull, tossing it up a couple times and starting back towards camp.

"Thanks for the help. I reckon we're gonna go far together."

Omega's eyes faded out as Rends stuffed him away.

"Oh, I can hardly wait...."
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A new partnership
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