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 Rage Across Texas Part 3: Southern Justice

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Rage Across Texas Part 3: Southern Justice Empty
PostSubject: Rage Across Texas Part 3: Southern Justice   Rage Across Texas Part 3: Southern Justice EmptyWed 17 Aug 2016, 21:35

Houston had been purged by the claws and fangs of Gaia's children. The once-capital city was no longer a blight on the honor of the Garou Nation. The Necromantis and Omerta Harris had been driven from the city, and the Weltmaster along with scores of its minions, had been destroyed, their tattered bodies swept away forever by the storm winds scouring the umbra.

The Weeping Moon had been broken, its twisted leadership banished into the very teeth of the Storm Eater. The few loyalists who survived the Widderslainte hurled themselves at the White Ash and perished amid the flame. However, the machinations of the deranged cult still bore fruit: across the land, the penumbra is littered with the corpses of spirits slain by the sorcerers, their legacy the many hideous Qlippothic forms that squat forever in the empty wastes where the cult held sway.

With the Wyrm's influence in the east broken, the Garou have turned to licking their wounds. The White Ash, having suffered heavily during the battle of Houston, was sealed, and the great totem Fraxinus the Unbending was sung into quiet slumber by the Silver Fangs. The fallen were buried, and the earth cleansed of the Wyrm's touch. With a mixture of sorrow and hope Rawest Wind led the White Ash expatriates to the Forked Path sept, where they were greeted by the Children of Gaia with open arms.

The Iron Riders continued to entrench themselves in Nacogdoches. Cold-Stare and the other Theurges were able to set up a network of communication with the Singing Reeds sept of New Orleans, and Red Oath has been discussing the possibility of expanding her influence over Natchitoches and San Augustine, the beginnings of a true Iron Rider protectorate.

Robert Swift-Death and his allies attempted to find the Uktena of the Three Rivers sept, intent on discussing the possibility of an expansion westward. However, they were stymied at every turn, and even the wolf brotherhoods of the Tonkawa could not find the location of Direspirit's caern. It was as if it had vanished off the face of the earth...

Frustrated and with his fractious packs beginning to quarrel among themselves, Robert had a stroke of luck- then-President Lamar had sent an expeditionary force north and west, wandering off the beaten track and searching for treasure and conquest. Many of their weapons and supplies were of a Qlippothic nature, and the Get fell upon them, destroying the foe in the trackless valleys and hills. The few survivors dispersed west, hounded by the cruel fangs of the Fenrir. None made it back to Houston to give an account, and it was assumed the expedition was slain by Indians or Mexicans upon reaching New Mexico.

The Red Talons and the Bone Gnawers have fallen into conflict, as the expanding farms of the Gnawers encroach on the wild places claimed by the Talons. Kinfolk on both sides have been slain- wolves have been poisoned as by poor farmers desperate to preserve their herds, who in turn have been slaughtered in their beds by raging Red Talons. The Swarm, fanatics sworn to the Rat God, had succeeded in stirring up the Rabble, and Rat's children had gathered under Papa MacLeod to defend their families and turf. In response Ape-Slayer had called into the deep umbra for a night and a day and summoned forth winged spirits of extinction, intent on slaking their vengeance on any who would aid the usurping monkeys.  

Intertribal war was only averted, ironically enough, the arrival of Robert's Get of Fenris. The savage warriors were able to enforce a rigid order, keeping the warring parties at bay through intimidation and ruthless challenges. In the end, Robert himself bested Ape-Slayer, throating the Red Talon alpha before his gathered followers and spirits. An uneasy truce has descended, with many Get of Fenris staying at the Burned Rock Caern. Even with Ape-Slayer chaffing under the yoke of submission, Robert still desires to go west, and see for himself what lies beyond the staked plain...

The Prodigals decided as a pack to relocate to the rechristened Forked Ash sept, and over the weeks and months they moved their growing families to the San Antone area. Red Oath leant her sister a generous amount of money, and Harriet was able to open a modest inn on the outskirts of the city. Connor stated a business also, and between his duties as a husband and father to the newborn Agatha, stayed quite busy. Zoe also enjoyed the company of Tycheros, who would often inhabit the umbra not far from the Caern. Jana was glad to be reunited with her father, and her Bone Gnawer husband was tolerated by the Silver Fangs, if not quite considered family. Though Rawest Wind was never a doting father or grandfather, the quiet pride he showed when he spent time with little Elijah spoke for itself. Silke got along well with the other kin families, and although she enjoyed helping Harriet run her business, she secretly yearned for the excitement of the trail, even as she bounced Jack on her knee...

Winter of 1842 saw the corrupt and weak Mirabeau Lamar swept out of office, and Sam Houston wins his second term by a landslide, intent on making peace with the far-flung indian tribes if at all possible. There are whispers that the Republic may one day soon join the Union of the States, but such a referendum is still a ways off.
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Rage Across Texas Part 3: Southern Justice
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