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 Conflict and Resolution?

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Conflict and Resolution? Empty
PostSubject: Conflict and Resolution?   Conflict and Resolution? EmptyWed 17 Aug 2016, 13:58

Zoe felt surprisingly well-rested when she awoke that night. Agatha had awakened her multiple times before dawn every morning of this first week of her life. Zoe sighed and smiled, having enjoyed her rest. This peaceful calm only lasted a moment, as the new mother reached toward the small crib where her newborn should have been sleeping.
The rage-filled woman sprang to her feet with a snarl as she tore out of the room in a near-frenzy, nearly tripping over Jack and almost toppling Silke, who was cradling Zoe’s child as Jack slept on the floor.
“Zoe, what the hell?”
The Iron Rider did not speak so much as growl as she ripped Agatha away from the kinfolk woman.
“What are you doing with her?”
Zoe’s anger-filled eyes demanded an answer.
“I was already up walking with Jack when I heard her starting to wake. I knew you were exhausted, so I –“
“Get out of my house!” Zoe snarled, causing both of the babies to cry.
Zoe stormed out of the house as Connor entered from his shop in the back.
“Silke? What’s going on?”
The kinfolk woman shook her head as she tried to comfort her son.
“I have no idea…”

The Theurge shifted effortlessly into the Penumbral realm, the small child in her arms being the only thing keeping her from going into a full rage. She stormed past the naturae spirits, going nowhere in particular. Just away. Away from anyone who would try to take her child.
Eventually, she stopped at the base of a large tree and began weeping. Silke was right about one thing, she was exhausted, but that fact did not give that woman any right to steal her child away in the dead of night. Zoe had promised Agatha that she would not let anything happen to her, but how could she do that if people were taking her while she was asleep?
A hand on her shoulder shook her from her breakdown and launched her back into the mode of protector, cradling Agatha in one arm and wielding a knife in the other hand.
“The spirits were right. You’re not doing too well, my child.”
Zoe sighed and sheathed her knife as the familiar face of her father appeared before her. He was wearing a simple human form, though he was still a tad larger than he had been when he was merely a man.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about, father,” she said with exasperation. “I’m doing fine. Motherhood is exhausting, but it’s nothing I can’t handle on my own.”
On cue, Agatha began crying again.
“Oh, Agatha. Please!” the Theurge cried as she bounced and shushed and stroked and patted the child to no avail.
Her father reached for the child and Zoe spun away instinctively.
“No! I’ve got her. She’s fine!”
The child squalled even louder, causing some nearby bird spirits to flutter off in fright.
“Zoe, please…”
The woman eyed her father suspiciously. Until this morning, no one other than her mother had held Agatha, at least not with Zoe’s permission. She took a tentative step forward to her father, then stopped.
“I can’t,” she said softly, as she held the shrieking child even tighter.
“Please. Stop. Crying!” Zoe begged her non-verbal child.
Tycheros Kostas slowly closed the distance between himself and his two descendants. He placed a careful hand on his daughter’s back and began singing softly to his granddaughter in his native Greek tongue. Agatha quieted almost immediately and Zoe’s mouth fell open in shock.
“May I?” Tycheros asked once more.
Zoe nodded slowly and handed her child to her father. The small child actually smiled for the first time as she looked into the face of her grandfather. Tycheros kept his gaze fixed on the small, fragile, dark-haired child, as he spoke.
“You need the people around you, Zoe. You need to trust them and let them help you.”
“But, I can’t abandon her. I don’t ever want her to feel alone.”
Tycheros’ eyes looked compassionately upon his daughter, but her gaze was fixed on the Penumbral earth. He reached his free hand out and lifted her chin.
“She never will, my child. She has your pack and their mates and their children and her own father.”
“But I can’t leave her!” the Theurge said more emphatically.
Tycheros shook his head and smiled softly. “But you can. And you must. Your duty to serve Gaia will take you away from her from time to time and you must trust that your kin will tend to her while you are gone.”
“But what if they can’t? What if something attacks the caern while I’m gone? What if she wanders off while Jana or Silke or Harriet are preoccupied with their own children? What if she gets too close to Connor’s forge?”
The large man shushed his daughter as she had shushed her daughter.
“Zoe, my dear. You cannot protect her from everything. You cannot always be with her. For the immediate future, perhaps you can be, but your pack will be needed elsewhere sooner than you realize.”
“Then I’ll take her with -”
Tycheros silenced that thought with a single glare and Zoe immediately knew the foolishness of bringing a child into the types of places they tended to find themselves.
Agatha fell asleep in her grandfather’s arms and Zoe visibly relaxed.
“I’m scared, Papa. I’m so scared for her. I know what’s out there and I can’t bear to think – “
Her words were cut short as a wave of emotion washed over her.
“My dear, daughter. Your husband is strong. Your kin are strong. There are always Garou around to protect the caern. You must put your faith in the people that Gaia has surrounded you with. I will also teach you how to command spirits and exorcise them. These gifts will be beneficial in keeping your caern and your family safe.”
The Incarna carefully handed the sleeping child back to her mother and smiled graciously at his beautiful daughter.
“She looks just like you did when you were this age. I remember it like it was yesterday. That is one memory I never forgot.”
Zoe smiled for the first time in a week.
“Trust your pack. Trust your kin. Use the spirits.”
She nodded and fell into her father’s embrace.
“I will try, Papa. I will try.”
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Conflict and Resolution?
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