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 The Rise of the Wolf Tail Den

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The Rise of the Wolf Tail Den Empty
PostSubject: The Rise of the Wolf Tail Den   The Rise of the Wolf Tail Den EmptyTue 16 Aug 2016, 20:22

Kefka sat at a corner table of the Wolf Tail Den. The table was cluttered with various books, some drained glasses, and a dim burning candle. Jasnah lay asleep in his lap, and Jakob was sleeping soundly in the room to his right. He looked up from Nightclaw's journal and smiled at his wife as she served drinks from behind the bar, and at Silke as she delivered them to the patrons. While Rends was taking care of business at the caern it was Kefka's turn to watch the wives and kids.

He turned his focus back to the Nightclaw's journal and flipped to a blank page. It had been 18 months since Houston's cleansing, and much had happened since. It was a tough decision but it had been decided to close the White Ash caern. It had almost been overtaken by the Wyrm, and with the Garou who were died in battle there were too few left to defend it properly. Under direction of The King the surviving Garou and kin made their way to the Forked Path Caern, giving birth to the Forked Ash Sept. Which soon became the Prodigals new home base.

Red Oath wasn't too keen on the idea of Kefka moving to the Forked Path, mainly because that meant he was taking away her sister, her niece, and her brand new nephew. Eventually she gave her blessing though once she saw the where Harriet would be living. Kefka, and Rends had build a modest bar/inn in between San Antonio and the Forked Ash Sept. They called it the Wolf Tail Den. It had a basement for secret Garou meetings like in Nacogdoches, 2 large rooms on the ground floor for their families, a generous dining room/bar area, and 10 room upstairs to be rented out nightly to weary travelers, or hourly for the more wild visitors.

Most of Kefka's time had been spent at the Wolf Tail Den ever since his family moved. He would bring books from the caern over and poured over them late into the night. He read them to learn about his tribe's history, but he was also looking for any rituals, or details about the Camazotz. While Houston was cleansed, the Necromantis was not. The Necromantis was the loose string that plagued him. Kefka was unsure if they would be able to find a Camazotz out west and was beginning to look for alternate viable solutions. Rends had kept the fetish from Nightclaw that could change someone into a Camazotz, but without the ritual to go along with it...it was useless.

Whenever the chance arose for Kefka to visit the caern he would bring Jasnah along, slowly introducing her to the Garou culture. Jasnah really enjoyed the Fianna Galliard's stories as Kefka learn the gift Woading, and practiced the art of the sword with Brave In War. She also enjoyed her play dates with Elijah, and visiting Arra during her studies.

As Kefka scribbled in the journal he felt a prick and then a warmness in his chest. Kefka grabbed the amber amulet around his neck as a small, eager voice entered his mind. "Your vitals are reading normal! Still no diseases! I will continue to monitor!". Kefka sighed as he thought. "You checked my blood 2 hours ago, little one, you don't need to to check constantly." "If I am not vigilante my Lord, you will become ill. I must not allow this." Kefka laughed to himself. "Keep watch then, little one".

As the night drew on as Kefka drained more glasses, and scribbled more furiously to solve the problem of the Necromantis. He put down his writing apparatus and looked down at Jasnah. He smiled, as he began brushing her hair. He then turned and looked in the direction of his son Jakob. His smile turned into a frown as the gears turned, and a horrible thought entered his mind. If the ritual was discovered, Jakob not being Garou...could be turned into a Camazotz to appease the Necromantis. Tears silently fell from his eyes as he began to write in the journal once more.

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The Rise of the Wolf Tail Den
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