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 A New World

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PostSubject: A New World   A New World EmptyThu 11 Aug 2016, 21:27

The sun rose slowly that midsummer morning above the quiet woods surrounding the Forked Ash caern.  Nearly a year had passed since Houston, during which the Prodigals relocated to the former Forked Paths caern with the remaining members of the White Ash sept.  Harriet, Silke, and Connor accompanied their spouses to the pack’s new home, where Connor and Zoe eagerly awaited the arrival of their first child.  Sleep came infrequently at best to the very pregnant Theurge, but she found this pre-dawn time ideal for meditation and summoning.

Zoe had just finished shoring up a chiminage deal with an iron elemental when a painful shriek sliced through the morning air.  She willed herself to return to the physical realm before painful contractions racked her body once more.  She was only half a mile from the living area of the caern, but she could only take a few steps between contractions.  The Garou women had warned her that labor would come on much harder and faster for Garou than it did for kinfolk.  

“No, no, no.  This isn’t how it’s supposed to happen,” Zoe cried.  “Connor is supposed to be here and Jana and –“
Her words were cut off by another pained howl as she collapsed to the ground and lost consciousness.  
Zoe’s next sight was that of the stone ceiling of her and Connor’s dwelling back at the caern.  Harriet’s face briefly filled her view before Connor shoved the older woman aside.
“Zoe, my love! Thank God! You scared me half to death!” His Irish brogue was even harder to comprehend when he was upset.  
“I – what hap – “
Her words were cut short as she rubbed her belly, her eyes growing immediately wide as bolted upright.
“Where’s my baby?” Zoe demanded.  
Connor took her hand and laid her back again.  
“Easy, love.  She’s fine and she’s beautiful, just like her mum. Look…”
Jana approached the bed with a tiny baby wrapped in a soft blanket.  Zoe’s breath caught and tears welled in her eyes as the Silver Fang heiress laid the child in her mother’s arms.  
“Oh my baby…” Zoe whispered.  “My sweet, sweet Agatha.”
The Iron Rider woman gazed into the face of her sleeping child and held her close, closer than she had ever held anyone or anything.  
“I will never leave you, my child.  I will never abandon you.  I will protect you and always keep you safe.  I swear to Luna. I swear to Gaia. I swear on my mother’s grave. I swear on my life.”
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A New World
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