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 During the Interim: Snowy Owl

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Zas B'ul

Zas B'ul

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During the Interim: Snowy Owl Empty
PostSubject: During the Interim: Snowy Owl   During the Interim: Snowy Owl EmptyFri 05 Aug 2016, 01:32

"....Those who reached my boundary did not cross it; their hearts and their souls were finished forever and ever. As for those who had assembled before my pack on the sea, they too fell before the fury of the flame of our rage. Our foes crashed into what may as well have been a wall of metal upon the shore. They were dragged, overturned, and laid low upon the beach; slain and made heaps from stern to bow of their galleys, while all their things were cast upon the water." He took a breath, "We set their fleet ablaze. Our bows and torches and swords slew as many as our claws and fangs." Wepauwet leaned back against a pillar of his great hall having finished his tale.

Zas found himself sitting on the edge of his seat, soaking every word and syllable in-committing it to memory. When his ancestor had stopped speaking the young Apache looked upwards at the gathered flock of Ba figures nestled in the upper reaches of the great hall, and let out a low whistle in astonishment.

Wepauwet looked inquisitively at the younger Strider and spoke once more, "You understand why I have shared all this with you? Why I have been seeing you in your visits here?"

Snowy Owl pursed his lips before giving a reply, "I felt that you told me this because it is important."

Wepauwet gave a sardonic smile, "But why is it important?"

The philodox pondered the thought for a long moment before saying, "Because knowing our history is vital to seeing through the plans of Apep?"

The ancestor nods once, "That's a good answer, but not the right one." He steps closer to Zas, "Stop trying to impress me and tell me-Why did I tell you this?" As he spoke his voice began to slowly raise, which was joined by a stiff tempest beginning to swell up outside the building causing a low moaning whistle to sweep through the area before quickly dying down again.

The younger Silent Strider backed away slightly as he gave a blurted phrase, "T-to teach me a lesson."

Wepauwet hangs his head and gives an audible sigh, his voice beginning to reveal a tinge of annoyance, "Yes Zas B'ul...what lesson? Why am I telling you something about my time?"

The philodox was stumped. He had no clue what the reason behind the story was. He was still processing the story to begin with. He looked around the room for some type of hint or something that might give away the answer. When nothing was forthcoming, he closed his eyes and racked his brain for answers.
"You wanted me to learn that we fight for a reason?"

Wepauwet nods firmly, "Ah, good you were listening."

He sits down in front of Zas and says, "I want you to understand why we fight. I don't think you understand. If I were to ask you, why we fight you would likely give me an answer that sounded something like, 'because Gaia or the litany tells us too.' You would not be incorrect, but again you aren't seeing the whole picture. Silent Striders do not go to war to fight."

Zas gives a quizzical and confused look at the ancestor and says, "We go to make peace then?"

Wepauwet shoots him a cold but piercing stare. "We make war to win. We fight for victory, my son. I know your auspice is called lawgiver and peacemaker, but you are Garou-the same as me. We were made to win a war. We were made to win this war."

Zas nods, "I see."

The ancient Strider abruptly stood, "No-no you don't. Not yet. My tale is not yet done."

His tone of voice grew darker, somber, but full of malice, "While on the field of victory we celebrated...our enemy moved in. He poised himself behind us to deal the crippling fatal blow. While our gaze was turned, the serpents of Sutekh" he spits upon saying this, "snaked their way into our homes. They took over our cities. They blinded or cowed all who stood opposed them and then enslaved the rest. They broke us from within. Our return to our homes which should have been a joyous event instead was greeted with misery and death. Our work, and efforts had been undone.

We lashed out from our loss. We summoned and rallied all our allies and forces we had and brought the full swings of our mighty tribal hammer down to avenge what had been done to us but the damage was done. Time wore on. Our enemy seemed to only prosper and grow while our numbers shrank and our allies faded away. We were determined however to deal the last blow to their leader before we fell. We did this, but at a great cost. This you know as you too bear the price for our action.

We as a tribe became nomads, forced to flee forever alone. No contact with our forefathers to guide us. Our foe strengthened its weakened hold on our kingdom in our diaspora. We even now are in our death throes as a tribe."

Zas face grew pale. "Is there no hope?"

Wepauwet tilted his head down at the question, "We are sons of Owl. We are warriors now and always. Just as Owl journeys into death and returns, so too shall we return from death at the hand of Sutekh’s curse, to claim victory. Death does not stop us. We do not stop til we achieve victory. No other tribe can understand this as fully as we do. Our name is great and will not be forgotten."

The philodox could only marvel as he listened to the ancient one's words of resolve. He rubbed his chin at his last few words. "What do you mean our name is great?"

The old warrior smiled, "You are young. I forget sometimes that yours ways are different. You have learned that spirits are different. Some are mighty, and hesitant to reveal their name to you. This is because in giving up their names they give you control over them to an extent. Many things have a name and can give you control and power over it if you know it. When I say our name is great, it means we are mighty. The only way to truly defeat a mighty name is for it to be forgotten and erased which will not happen because we are sons of Owl."

Wepauwet considers for a moment as he stares at Zas before a slow smile appears, "It is not uncommon for our tribe to take on a name that honors our roots. You have not been yet given one due to your forefathers decision to distance themselves from our customs and ways. If you would like, I will bestow a name to you."

Snowy Owl shoots upright in a flurry of movement, "I would consider it an honor of you would."

Wepauwet nods once and says, "Very well."

The old Silent Strider bows his head and utters a low prayer in a strange foreign tongue but it is interlaced with words Zas can make out in the spirit tongue and English. It seems to be a prayer of thanks or asking for blessing from owl as best Zas can piece together. When Wepauwet looks up, his eyes have glazed over and he claps his hands. As he does this there is a howling wind that stirs outside the confines of the building and the stones of the floor Zas is standing on seem to vibrate and hum with energy and power. The room is lit brightly by several oil lamps attached to the giant pillars lining the grand hall, that blaze to life in an instant. Overhead, the mass of winged human headed figures begins to move and rotate in unison, slowly swirling and descending upon the two Silent Striders' until all light is blocked out from the nearby lamps by the countless Ba leaving the two standing figures in darkness.

Zas can feel a hand being placed upon his left shoulder forcing him down to kneel and hears a strange voice or rather voices in his head but is also overcome by the overwhelmingly powerful and pungent aroma of frankincense and myrrh. The sound of the words echoes inside Zas's mind and sounds as though it is coming from very far away. He knows the voice to be Wepauwet but it sounds as if Wepauwet has hundreds of thousands of others using his voice all speaking as one, "He bears the balanced soul of one whom pays homage to Ma'at. He seeks to unite the upper and lower tribes. He comes from a distant land but has both the strength and stubbornness of the Mighty bulls of old. Let him rage at Apep like the Lord of Thebes."

As the voices resound in his mind, Zas thinks to himself, I wish my dad could have been here to see this. I hope he would be proud of this.

The voices then cease and the countless Ba return to their lofty perches as light floods the area once more. Wepauwet standing before Zas removes his hand from Zas shoulder and says in a commanding tone, "Arise and be brought forth into the light once more from the realm of mists and shadow. Welcome Montu, Lord of Thebes."

As Zas regains his feet, Wepauwet could be seen smiling initially, but turns to look inquisitively at something off to Zas's right.

Zas likewise turns to see what has caught the Ancestor's gaze.

A lone Ba hovers near one of the lit oil lamps and as Wepauwet stares, his eyes widen as he says, "Interesting."

The Ba then approaches Zas and perches on young philodox right shoulder.

Wepauwet looks over Zas again before saying, "It would seem your journey's are intertwined."
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During the Interim: Snowy Owl
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