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 Deep Strength

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Rends the Gar

Rends the Gar

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PostSubject: Deep Strength   Deep Strength EmptyTue 07 Jun 2016, 23:19

Before the Battle of Houston, Rends the Gar had one more preparation to make. Though they were now awaiting nothing more than their king's signal to make the attack, Rends took the time to go out into the bayou with Zoe.

The summoning, though, had already taken much longer than they'd expected. Two hours now had ticked away with the two of them sitting in the swamp on the edge of the Caern, with no sign of the desired servant of Fenris. Rends couldn't keep from pacing as they waited.

"You reckon we need more blood? I reckon we need more blood. Can't ever have too much blood."

Zoe sighed and continued cleaning her rifle without looking up.

"We had enough the first three times you suggested that, and we still do. These things just take time. Why don't you go keep an eye out? Maybe it's sneaking up on us as a test."

Rends nodded along, only half listening.

"I reckon. Gimme a yell if anything shows up."

Zoe blew the dust out of the firing chamber in acknowledgement.

Rends set out to do a circuit of the area, splashing in the stinky water as he made his way out. The area was filled with night sounds even in the peaceful Umbra, but there was a tension in the spectral air that he could only assume was the local spirits anticipation of the war to come. It was a normal night, yes, but every spirit in the area knew at any moment the night's peace would be broken when the Garou went to work.

The wind shifted, and Rends picked up a strange scent. Salt, and seaweed mingled with blood and sand. As he honed in on it he thought he could hear splashing just to the south. Without a word, he stalked off towards the sound.

In the crook of an inlet, thrashing in the shallow water and bloody sand Rends discovered his awaited spirit. Or at least most of it. The tiger shark's hide was pocked and marred with dozens of scars and barbed hooks, and a huge chunk of spirit flesh was missing from its right side. Blood poured out of the terrible wound, and even as Rends approached the spirits thrashing became weaker and weaker. With a twist the shark locked a fearsome eye on Rends, and he could see terrible anger barely contained. It snapped its jaws in challenge at the Garou.

Rends dropped down to a knee several paces away from the creature, meeting its gaze.

"What happened to you, spirit?"

The shark gave a humorless laugh, never blinking or looking away as its tail continued thrashing.

"Many are the terrible things that hide in the depths, but few are our enemies in the Breakwater. I'd heard of a new foe, the Whale Eater, come to claim Houston and thought to test my strength against this wretch of Jormungandr."

It gave another thrash, gnashing its teeth in pain.

"I sought him out, and I shamed myself in defeat. He proved the stronger, and I was only able to escape its grasp when I heard the call of a Fenrir true. I am bound to serve, yet how can I when I fall so easily to the Enemy?"

Rends took another step forwards, nodding his head.

"It was me who called you. Before the night gets old I aims to lead the White Ash to purge Houston of its Wyrm taint. That's why I called you. I need you to teach me to increase my strength so that we'll have a chance against the Wyrm's minions there."

The shark regarded him for a moment, then looked away.

"I cannot help you. I will die now, ashamed and dishonored. Leave me to rot and win glory without the help of Teeth Unending. You will be better off without, I think."

Rends grimaced. This was not what he'd been expecting when summoning a whelp of Great Fenris. As the spirit's thrashing stilled, an idea occurred to him.

"If you teach me this gift, I'll offer this in payment: I'll let you give your strength to me."

Teeth Unending sloshed around again, trying to look away but Rends followed it around and stared right down into its eye. When it snapped at him he punched it on the nose and pinned its head to the ground, growling right into the spirit's face.

"You have failed in your calling. Great Fenris does not forgive failure or weakness. But if you help me in this, I will see to it that your honor is restored and the Whale Eater pays the price for daring to raise a claw against Great Fenris."

Teeth Unending struggled against him at first, but soon seemed to listen to him and the fight left him. With a sudden jolt Rends realized its wound had stopped bleeding and the spirit had gone deathly still. With a final shudder, the shark's words filled his mind.

"I will do this, Son of Fenris. In you I will trust my honor. But to do this thing I will give more than what you ask. Go and win glory where I have won only shame, and hunt your foe as it thrashes in death between your jaws. Let it be remembered that Teeth Unending died bringing honor to Fenris..."

The words echoed in his mind and a bizarre surge of power filled the Ahroun. He could feel electricity all around him. He could sense the water around his ankles and knew that he could chase down a dolphin if he needed to. He clenched a fist and felt an uncanny pulse of strength, and ran his tongue along his now serrated teeth. The taste of his own blood nearly sent him into a frenzy. He gave a manic grin, and with his new power stored away inside, went off to win glory and honor.
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Deep Strength
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