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 What's going on

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Fae Carver


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PostSubject: What's going on   Sat 27 Feb 2016, 00:34

Mocks sat idly by as Zoe talked aloud about Rends' infection. He soon realized he was out of his league and stood up to take a walk to clear his head. As he began to to walk off into the woods he saw Rends out of the corner of his eye. Mocks' mouth shifted to a frown as his fist clenched. He locked eyes with Rends and motioned for him to follow him. When they were a fair distance away Mocks stopped walking and turned around. As Rends approached Mocks took a quick step towards him, feigned a jab with his left hand, as he connected a right hook to Rends left eye.

"What the hell was that about, huh?"

Mocks spits on the ground as he begins pacing, making frantic hand gestures as he talks.

"If'n you wanted to fight Hanging Maw, why the hell did we fight him after he killed those people instead of beforehand? I will follow you into battle because you are my alpha, but you better make sure there is a damn good reason for it. You told Eaton we had to pick our battles. Is that how you are going to pick them? Vengeance and remorse over protecting innocents? You are better than that dammit. We are better than that. We will follow you to the ends of earth, or at least I will...so don't treat our lives like they mean so little that can be lost in a petty pissing contest. I trust you had your reasons for not wanting to fight him before he did what he did... But those same reasons still should have stopped you when he was leaving. It was unnecessary and reckless to fight him. Sad could have summoned him at another point in time, in another place, or he could have brought us to the Dark Umbra to track him down. What would you have done if Aara had died to Hanging Maw or a Spectre of his? What would we have told the King? What if you had died? I would be left in charge and Gaia help us if that ever happens."

Mocks stops pacing and cracks a small grin at Rends.
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Rends the Gar


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PostSubject: Re: What's going on   Sat 27 Feb 2016, 10:10

Rends makes no effort to defend himself from Mock's fists, taking the hit and tirade without flinching.

"You done?"

When Mocks makes no reply Rends lets out an exhausted sigh.

"You's right. I should have stepped in sooner if we was gonna step in. Hell, I've been wantin' an excuse to tear into Hanging Maw ever since I first met him. I should be glad I finallly got one. But you need to understand a couple things about all this."

Rends waves a diseased claw back towards the dessecrated village.

"My first priority is to make sure we do everything we can to win the war against the Wyrm. That means choosing our battles and putting our strength where it's most needed without wasting it on every little struggle we stumble across. We was already hurt from our fight with the Witches and we didn't know how bad it was jest yet. We have Aara to look after, and if he'd had a chance Hanging Maw would've loved the chance to kill her I imagine. On top of all that they's Gaia only knows how many of his Spectres floatin' around at the time."

A snarl escapes his lips as his eyes flash angry.

"So fer some reason I decided to trust Zas to deal with him. Flappin' jaws seemed our best option to get out of there, and that's supposed to be his thing. 'Sides, he and Hanging Maw were right buddies! Maybe they'd figure something out to work fer all of us! I figured at worse he couldn't possibly screw things up any worse, but leave it to that dumbass to surprise me. He and Hanging Maw had a history, maybe he could keep him under control I figured. Maybe he knew what he was doing. I was wrong. Turns out Zas is about as good at negotiating as he is being a Philodox and let that undead mongrel walk all over him."

He shakes his head.

"I didn't attack him because he killed innocents. I don't give two shits about them humans. But when he turned them into those Mockeries..."

His claws clench into fists and he takes a deep breath to steady himself.

"At that point our pack had directly aided a now known servant of the Wyrm. I don't care what the circumstances are, I will never stand for that even if I die fixin' it. I didn't like it from the start, but I'm willing to do things I don't like to do the greater good. Fightin' him then wasn't the smart move. He had us outnumbered and we still don't know what all a Spectre can even do. But when someone creates a handful of Mockeries right in front of you after playin' your good for nothin' Philodox for a fool there's only one reaction you should have if you serve Gaia."
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Fae Carver


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PostSubject: Re: What's going on   Sun 28 Feb 2016, 22:32

Mocks frowns and leans against a tree while listening to his alpha's explanation. He pulls out his flask to take a drink forgetting that he gave the rest of his alcohol to Aara before her legs got cut off. He tosses it aside and slumps to the ground. When Rends is done talkin' Mocks shakes his head before speaking.

"Shit. You have a point there. Those...whatever they were...needed to be destroyed. Hanging Maw forced our hand with what he did. You would have thought he was smarter than that. He trusted we would let him walk..."

Mocks pauses and looks at Rends in the eyes.

"What you're saying is if Maw had just killed the humans...he'd have walked away. We all would have. That's the decision I would have made... Hell I was going to kill those humans outta mercy before Hanging Maw showed up."

He sighs and turns away.

"Surely Zas didn't know that was going to happen...Zas fought with us against them. I know Zas summoned them here and that probably was the stupidest, and riskiest move he could have made... But think about it. How often do we do the stupid, risky things and win. It's our specialty. It didn't pan out this time. He screwed up...but that doesn't mean he isn't a good Philadox. We all screwed up here. We were all cocky thinking we were going to come into town and mop up the girls easy as pie because of Houston. Hell somehow I broke the damn gauntlet. Just like Zavala we destroyed another town in its entirety. I just hope Aara learns by what we said...not by what we did."

Mocks stares off in silence for a moment before standing up.

"Should've known something like this was gonna happen. This was too convenient...too planned. That vampire...she called me the Harbinger same as those girls did. She knew this was going to happen. I bet that damn vampire told us their locations, and also warned them we were coming. She played both of us... If I were a bettin' man I'd bet my money on it. Thank Gaia I have a drinking problem and that stops me from bettin'."

He chuckles. Before moving towards Rends.

"That damn vampire...That is a battle we should have picked. I talked you out of it... That makes all of this my fault. I was so wrong. I'm so sorry Rends."
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PostSubject: Re: What's going on   

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What's going on
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