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 Los Vampiros

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The Laughing Stranger

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PostSubject: Los Vampiros   Wed 13 Jan 2016, 21:14

The Rio Grande valley had been pacified. The cost had not been great, and the Sabbat of Coahuila had celebrated, their frenzied Bacchanalias lasting till dawn. Montez let them have their fun, for now. Soon enough the wicked youngsters would be funneled into the inevitable push northward, through cold twilight deserts of cresote and mesquite.

Diego Montez's third eye twitched.

The culprit of La Junta had proven to a solitary crazed lupine. During the course of its reign of terror, the creature had left a series of cryptic threats and warnings written in the blood of its blasphemous meals. The Cardinal had Corday fetch the carcass so that it could be personally inspected, along with a handful of Goratrix' spawn who were to decipher the fevered messages. There was not much in the way of mortal remains- a handful of mouldering claws and broken teeth, along with a skeletal frame laced together by a few scarce tendons. From all reports the feared beast had been attacking the Kindred of the Rio Grande only a week prior, which Montez initially found hard to believe, given its decrepit state.  

Then it had stirred.

Putrid tatters of lungs gave vent to a series of rapid, ragged gurgles, and one of the thing's broken talons had clattered off the examination table. If Montez had not known better, he might have imagined it was taking swipe at him. After Calx had smashed it to rotten smithereens, the Gargoyle had wondered aloud if perhaps it had begun to heal itself.

The Cardinal shook his head, but said nothing. He knew this was no ordinary werewolf. This was a feral terror borne from a union of flesh and demonic influence. The Tremere said there was malign blood magic at work; in this, at least, Montez had little reason to doubt the spawn of Goratrix. Forces infernal were at work in La Junta.

"Send these words to El Susto and the Ductii of Coahuila and Laredo- our war packs are to cross the Rio Grande. The ascendance of the Sword of Caine is at hand. Go with God."
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Los Vampiros
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