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 Atrophy Pt. 2

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PostSubject: Atrophy Pt. 2   Sat 26 Oct 2013, 01:26

The logs were all loaded up, so the two men climbed up into the wagon and set off towards town. It lay in the low area between two hills, a river running down the western side of the town between the hills. Sylvester had been told that in the early years the area had been lush and green, more fertile than any land for miles around because of the Caern's spiritual influence. If that had ever been true, Sylvester couldn't remember it. These days everything was as brown as the rest of the plains. They could still grow crops and support the town here, but everything was just a little... limp as far as he could see.

Pa apparently saw him examining the town, and took the opportunity to puff out his chest and look down at the town too.

"Just look at it, boy! We built that all up from the dank little hole it was into somethin' to be proud of! We were the first pack to settle this far into Injun land, and we've had to go it alone for all these years, but we're strong, and it's the right of the strong to impose their ideals on what is theirs. And now you're part of that too, boy. Oh I've got big plans for you..."

Travis had big plans too. He wanted to go down to Texas and meet a real Mexican. He might have too, if it weren't for them Injuns...

I'm gonna write more tomorrow. I'm too tired to do this tonight, though.
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Atrophy Pt. 2
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