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 Atrophy Pt. 1

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Rends the Gar


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PostSubject: Atrophy Pt. 1   Thu 24 Oct 2013, 14:41

Three weeks later, the town was busy rebuilding after the Cherokee attack. Sylvester had suddenly found himself as one of the 'important people' here in town after the attack as one of the only Garou. He'd never known before, but apparently most of the people there had a bit of wolf blood in them.

Pa had taken to teaching him a little about his new life and what was expected of him. Which mainly consisted of killing Injuns. That was just fine by Sylvester, but he couldn't help feeling like there was something missing from it all. Their little town sat right smack on top of a Caern. That had been Pa's idea, apparently.

"You wanna make something your own? You wanna keep it? Then make it your own. Ain't nothin' out there can't be improved. See nature exists in a raw state, waiting to be shaped by them what knows what they's doin'. And that's where we come in. We are the Get of Fenris, boy. That means we take what we want and do what we want with it! Anyone who tries stoppin' us gets the wolf!"

Sylvester thought his Pa was full of it, but then again he always did. There was only three Garou left in town including Sylvester and his Pa, so Sylvester figured he might as well listen for now at least since Mr. Henderson was all messed up over his wife dying.

Early one morning, Sylvester was helping Pa haul some logs over to a horse cart to rebuild the General Store. Sylvester liked to wander off in his head while he worked, and he couldn't help but think back to the night his life had changed. The night Travis had died.

The whole town had been on fire it seemed. His eyes had stung from the smoke. He could hear screams and warcries in the distance but he could only focus on the monster in front of him, tearing his little brother to pieces. He could feel the anger boiling up in his chest, the pure all consuming odium for everything wrong with the world.

"Get a holt of yourself, boy! Ya cain't just go changin' like that every time you gotta do a little work!"

Sylvester snapped back to reality, looking down at his arms and seeing the long course red and grey hair growing out there. He wrestled the rage back down, and the hair seemed to grow back in too. He shook his head, looking over at his Pa.

"Right. I was jest thinking about somethin'. There wasn't many Injun Garou in that attack was there? Only a couple right?"

Pa glared at him, then spat to the side.

"Quit your day dreamin'. We'll get those damn Reds back soon enough. They had a real monster with 'em aside from the one you kilt. Took me and Randall both to fight him off and we couldn't do that and keep track of the other too."

Sylvester was expecting it, but he still felt his stomach drop.

So we had the better ground, more Garou, and more men than the Injuns but they still almost burnt the town down.

"Why did they attack now? It's been years since you pushed them out and they ain't tried nothing before."

Pa grunted as he kept hauling his log, which was much smaller than Sylvester's.

"It's cuz we control the only Caern for miles around. What with the Relocation Act there's more Injuns around here than ever, so they's all wanting to get some spiritual real estate. But we'll show 'em. They ain't taking my Caern! Damn place barely has a trickle of power anymore, but I'll be damned 'afore I let those dandies have it! We shoulda built a proper wall around the place to seal off the town like I said, but Randall thought that would 'insult Gaia' or some nonsense..."

Pa continued to ramble for a while, but Sylvester stopped listening.

That one what kilt Travis was probably after Mr. Henderson, trying to take him out of the fight so they could gang up on Pa and then the rest of the town woulda been easy pickins.

He continued to work, mind wandering.
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Atrophy Pt. 1
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