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 The Western Wind

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Zas B'ul


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PostSubject: The Western Wind   Sun 07 Jun 2015, 17:44

The tumbleweed rolled along uninterrupted in its path as it winded its way down through the abandoned village. A lone hunched over figure caught the dry desert bush and lifted it up into the air and muttered something in a strange exotic but long forgotten language. After several minutes of the figure muttering he ceases speaking before uttering in a loud voice the words, "El reyah eshu nar Ra!!!"

As quickly as the air leaves his lips, the small Indian village is illuminated by a smooth cascading silvery glow emanating from the held aloft tumbleweed which slowly begins to raise into the sky. The light from the raising dry bush reveals the cloaked and hooded figure of Sho-Sho Ne. His face covered in dried yellow dye spattered by crimson drops of blood.

As the glowing tumbleweed reaches its zenith fifty feet above the ground, Sho-Sho Ne let's out a long howl full of unbridled fury. The silvery glow then turns into a soft blue spotlighted beam shining directly on Snowy Owl's father.

The desert breeze whistles by the otherwise quiet scene bringing with it sounds and voices from far away. The Silent Strider Ahroun closes his eyes and tries to focus in on the message the wind carries. Voices of agony, torment and terror filled screams fill his head. The smell of old dried blood and dust filled his nose. As he continues to listen a barely audible flurry of feathers bursts forth from the tumbleweed, disrupting the blue ray of light and causing the wind to fade away.

Sho-Sho Ne opens his eyes and looks around him. Standing before him, with one large bony wing outstretched seeming to preen itself is a man sized skeletal owl like monstrosity. It gazes at Sho-Sho Ne with eyeballs missing from their sockets but pure white pupils that hover in the center of each eye hole.

Sho-Sho Ne looks at the owl spirit and says in spirit tongue, "Greetings Greynthorn. It is a surprise to find you out here. I was seeking the leeches who were responsible for the death of my wife and friends. Their trail eludes me. But, I did not summon you-tell me, why have you come? Owl's servants do not cease their nightly hunts for trivial things..."

Greynthorn lets out a loud ear piercing screech as his physical form mutates to a crinos form garou but with a human face but keeping his pale white pupils as he says, "You are wise Desert Wanderer. Owl himself sends me to you this night and blesses your quest. He wished for you to know-your progeny lives, but also to spread word that the one known as Snowy Owl has reached the ancestral lands of your tribe."

Sho-Sho Ne's eyes widen, "Gaia bless me! I thought for certain he was slain by the Comanche horde. Where is he now?"

Greynthorn clicks his mouth bones together as he says, "Owl speaks only that he lives. I know not where or when he dwells. Owl commands and I obey."

Sho-Sho Ne nods once slightly confused, "I thank you for this Greynthorn! I won't forget your words. If ever you need my aid-I will give it."

The owl spirit bows his head and blinks twice before with a sudden and silent leap skyward he disappears into the spirit realm.

Sho-Sho Ne smiles as the wind picks up again and the strong odor of vampires once again blows through. His mind and spirit renewed by the news of his son only further invigorates the Silent Strider to pursue his prey.

The wind once again dies down and the trail of dust is all that can be seen as Desert Wanderer begins his hunt once more.
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The Western Wind
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