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 Barthos Again

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PostSubject: Barthos Again   Wed 15 Apr 2015, 17:04

As Mocks returned from his patrol he made his way towards the centermost part of the caern, bypassing hios wife and daughter momentarily. He approached her with a smile.

"Evenin' Ma'am, how are ya?"

Without waiting for a response Mocks continues talking.

"If'n you ain't too busy I was hoping you might be able to help me out. Ya see there is gift I think that would be mighty useful to have. It will allow me to have control over friend or foe when they are raging. With us goin' against Rends' Pa...I don't want to take any chances. Rends has enough trouble controlling his temper on a normal day ya know?"

He chuckled.

"If you could summon a stormcrow for me that would be mighty helpful. A particular one, named Barthos. He taught me a few things before."

Mocks took out his flask and took a swig as we waited patiently for a reply.
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Barthos Again
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