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 Winter's end

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Zas B'ul


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PostSubject: Winter's end   Sun 06 Oct 2013, 00:32

"There are others of our kind. Most get along best with the whitemen. The ones that don't live among the other Indian tribes. Our Garou tribe, the Silent Striders act as messengers between both groups."Sho-Sho Ne explained.

Zas asks, "Why do some like the white man more than other tribes?"

Sho-Sho Ne replies tersely, "Because they are fools!" He calms himself before adding, "The white man can not be trusted. The white man unknowingly breeds and carries evil. Garou that live among white men tend to pick up those qualities. Remember this when dealing with other such Garou. The Wyrm is as crafty and subtle as he is evil and the whiteman is far too comfortable with the Wyrm."

Zas nods his head, embedding this knowledge.

Sho-Sho Ne carried on, "The other thing you must always remember about the Wyrm is that he has many servants. The whiteman is ignorantly eager to serve the Wyrm but is not alone, nor is the whiteman the worst of his servants. It is our duty to destroy the Wyrm per the litany, this you know. However, it is our duty as Silent Striders to destroy one group of Wyrm servants above all else-Vampires. If you ever meet one, kill it. They are beyond redemption. Your grandfather, Watches-The-Sea, made me swear to do the same. They are scarier than the Commanche, and twice as fierce, but they will fall to our teeth and claw just the same."

Zas again nods but asks, "What makes Vampires worse than Whitemen or Commanche? What do they do?"

His father replies "They are walking violations of Gaia. They are living corpses. They are a plague-a walking sickness which can only be cured by their death. The whiteman is ignorant of the Wyrm but out of ignorance serves its will. The Commanche seek to prove themselves able warriors and though bloodthirsty they can be reasoned with occasionally. The vampires however, know how they disgrace Gaia and they continue to breed anyway. They defy her and therefore we as her servants must destroy them. Our kind and theirs do not mix. Cannot mix. We have been at war with them for a long, long time. Longer than the Commanche. We kill and destroy all of them we can before we die. It is what we do. It is who we are."

Zas sees how sincere the issue is and presses no further. He instead changes back to the topic of Garou Tribes and asks, "What do you know of the Garou tribes that choose to live with the Whitemen?"

His father eases slightly and kicks at the ground briefly as he says, "I have not met all of the tribes but I know of a few. They are as varied as the other Indian nations, but considerably more foolish. The Get of Fenris are powerful warriors. The Silver Fangs are known for their great leadership. The Shadow Lords are masters at strategy. Then you have the Iron Riders and the Children of Gaia-they are some of the main ones who are too close to the whiteman, but all can be powerful allies; it should be said though that every Garou tribe has its weaknesses-those of the Garou nation... Their weakness is pride."

Zas B'ul follows along, but notices his father beginning to get restless and decides that the conversation could wait...he knew the longer he held his father, the shorter responses he'd get. He asked if he could go play, whereupon his father smiled and nodded before heading off to wander the wilderness for awhile, leaving Zas to his thoughts...

Maybe one day after he became a member of the Silent Striders he could meet these tribes. Maybe he could kill a vampire. Maybe he could destroy the Wyrm, or unite all the tribes, both the garou nation and the pure, who knows? Only Gaia, Luna, and time would tell, and at the moment none of them said much...
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Winter's end
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