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 The Spittin Lizard

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Fae Carver


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PostSubject: The Spittin Lizard   Mon 02 Sep 2013, 19:40

It was Friday night. The sun was just beginning to set painting the old town marvelous shades of orange and red. The hot wind was blowing just enough to be noticeable, which meant it was blowing just enough to be annoying. Kefka didn't have to worry about the wind though. He was in his father's saloon, which happened to be the closest "watering hole" for all those stationed at Ft. Dodge in SW Kansas.

Kefka loved when army came in. They drank the most, tipped the most, gambled the most, and for some reason one or two of them always lost a pocketwatch, or some cufflinks. Kefka would watch them, listen to them, and pick his targets. It was the easiest way to make extra cash, and with his father taking most of the tips for the "needed repairs"...Kefka always wanted extra cash. He wanted to get away and explore the new untamed parts of America. He would only be leaving behing his family. He had no friends, and never really wanted any. He liked to be alone with his thoughts. They had personality and seemed to be more real than anyone he met. He made sure to be nice enough when meeting people, but he also made sure to be mostly forgetable, and unimpressive.

Around eight a clock the patrons began pouring in and it was show time. He started off slow. Making drinks stronger than usual, creating drinking competitions between two strangers, playing matchmaker by bringing drinks to people that a "shy admirer" bought. It would turn out to be a good night.

He soon meandered into the poker den where the real money was to be made. The usuals were in there. Major Tom. One Eyed Harry. Shifty Handed Pete. Charles. There were some new faces too, but they weren't playing merely observing. It happened occasionally. Those not good enough to play the game themselves, would bet on those good enough to play the game. Most of the players were happy to see Kefka, all except Charles.
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Fae Carver


Posts : 427
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PostSubject: Re: The Spittin Lizard   Sun 15 Sep 2013, 21:23

Charles threw his cards down on the table.  "No. I ain't playin any cards as long as that Weasel is in here. He ain't cheatin me again." He spat on the floor to punctuate his remark.

Kefka eyed Charles as his mouth turned up into a crooked smile. "And here I was coming in to help you Charles. I feel just rotten about what I did to you last time. In fact I brought another round of drinks on the house as a sign of good measure."

The poker game effectively stopped now. The rest of the players all looking between Charles and Kefka. Eyes full of anger, confusion, or a mix there of. It was understood Kefka helped out each of them in their own right every now and then, but here he was telling them outright who he was going to help.

Charles stood up glaring at Kefka, "Just what game you playin at? I don't need your drinks, or your handouts."

Kefka chuckled. "Fair enough Charles, I will just take this liquor and leave...you couldn't afford to pay for it anyway...not unless you actually start winning a hand or two." Kefka grinned as he began walking backwards towards the door, watching Charles' face turn red. The color deepening as the rest of the players became unable to hold their amusement. As Kefka reached the door Major Tom spoke up.

"Sit down Charles. We are all honest people here. If Kefka says he aims to help ya, I am sure that he will."

Charles' gaze shifted to Tom as he began to retort.

"Sit down Charles. God help you if we don't get a free round of liquor on account of your stubbornness."

"Fine." Charles said as he sat, and looked back at Kefka. "No funny business now."

Kefka smiled as he began making rounds and pouring the liquor. "I wouldn't dream of funny business sir. Far prettier things roam my head at night."

The room laughed as cards were shuffled and dealt. The name of the game was 5 card stud.
Kefka found a spot on the wall to lean against and began studying the faces of the players. Occasionally he could catch glimpses of cards but those never told you as much as the faces did. When it came time for Charles to bet, Kefka would lock eyes with him and direct him to fold, call, or bet. Things began to look up for Charles for the next couple of hands...all until One Eyed Harry caught Kefka's attention. One Eyed Harry had a proverbial hand. The four aces. There was no way for any of the other players to win... so Kefka did the only thing he knew to do. He suggested that One Eyed Harry was bluffing. Practically everyone went all in, including Charles. When the reveal came, it was the funniest thing Kefka had ever seen. He laughed as he walked by the table pocketed 1/3 of the winnings for helping One Eyed Harry and walked out the door. He grabbed a mug of beer and walked outside into the cool night air still laughing.

Kefka was staring at the stars and enjoying his beer when he was grabbed from behind and thrown on the ground. His beer spilled over the ground as the mug shattered. Two men grabbed him and held him up as a fist slammed into him bloodying his nose.

"No funny business, I said! NO FUNNY BUSINESS!!!!!" Charles screamed as he threw another punch blackening Kefka's left eye. All the while Kefka laughed. Blood dripped from off his face as he smiled and looked up at Charles. Charles punched him in the gut, head-butted him and then pulled out a gun and aimed at Kefka's chest. "I warned you boy." He pulled the trigger and Kefka fell back as the other two released him. As Charles and the other two turned to walk away a bestial roar froze them in their tracks. As they turned around to see what made the noise, a claw burst through Charles' chest holding his heart in it's hand. The claw retreated from Charles' body as his body crumpled to the ground. The other two fainted and fell to the ground, not that it saved them from their grisly fate. Blackness soon followed.
"You shouldn't have done that. You messed up the plans."

"Hell yeah I messed the plans up. It is our job to protect and guide him, not control him."

"But you just controlled him. He had his First in front of dozens of witnesses. He will be run out of town if he is lucky."

"He needs to learn on his own what it means to be Garou. If he is going to be strong he must carve his own path. Not ease down the path He set for him."

"Just be careful Thalia. You had few friends here...and now you have none."

"Not even you?"


When Kefka awoke the sun was beating down on him, and pain. He was in a lot of pain. He was being dragged by a horse. A horse who was almost in as bad of shape as he was. He mustered all strength he could and tried to climb onto the horse. Doing so he knocked both of them to the ground. Kefka tore the bag from the saddle and dumped the belongings on the ground in his desperate search for water. He found a canteen full of water, a bottle of liquor, a note and some spare clothes, including a hat.  He greedily brought the water to his mouth and drank far too rapidly for his own good, as the majority of the water came back up and ended up on the ground, mixed with bile.

"Good going. Hope you know how to find water since you insist on wasting what you were given."

The voice was familiar to him, but when Kefka looked around there was no one.

"Drink slowly youngling and you may get out of this alive."

Kefka listened to the voice and drank slowly. He then opened the note up and read it.

"Dear Kefka,

You are on your own now. We came to this country hoping to escape the curse of our forefathers. We ran to no avail. You like several of your ancestors are werewolves. It runs in your blood. It is what fuels your dreams and delusions. I will have none of it in my house. I have seen what this curse does, and I am sorry but you are no longer my son. That being said I didn't have the guts to kill you myself or hand you over to be killed. I packed you a shotgun though. It's your choice to end your life now, or start anew. I don't care as long as you don't return. If you come back you will be shot on sight.


Kefka stared at the note reading twice over before crumpling it up and throwing it away. Confusion washing over his face.

"Try and remember. Don't fight it, open your mind and let me show you." The memories of the night before rocked him like a hurricane. He fell to his knees in despair. Tearful he got up and walked over to the fallen horse and found the shotgun. It was his father's favorite gun. Double barreled. He turned the gun around and placed both barrels in his mouth. A presence came over him and lowered the gun.
"Your father is wrong. It is not a curse, it is a gift. My name is Thalia Witch-Blade. I am one of your ancestors. We will make you strong. You will survive. You will make us proud."

Kefka felt empowered as the presence left him and once again became just another voice in his head. He holstered the gun and headed off South hopefully where he could find some shelter, a smile appearing as he thinks of what this new life will hold for him.
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The Spittin Lizard
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