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 The Chieftain's Final Journey

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Zas B'ul


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PostSubject: The Chieftain's Final Journey    Fri 16 Jan 2015, 15:53

Zas wasted little time preparing after Red Oaths blessing of his mission to escort Chief Bowl's body to the Uktena. The honor of being able to conduct one of the most special rites of his tribe left Zas feeling truly privileged, but at the same time deeply saddened as he realized what the rite signified. The Silent Strider as was common said little about the issue however as he knew there was still work to be done.

He collected what he needed to complete the ritual from the surrounding countryside, and asked Kefka to barter for the few things needed in town before then fashioning together a crude but effective travois to strap in and safely transport his equipment and Chief Bowl's body. Rends guarded the Chiefs body to prevent any who would dare to attempt to harass his corpse as Zas and Mocks located the ingredients. Zoe upon seeing Zas's handiwork quickly disapproved of the craftsmanship and ensured the drug along cart was more stable and made secure enough to hold the weight, tightening and strengthening the crossbeams with deft hands. Once all was completed, the sun was beginning to set and Zas asked Eaton to give the Chieftain a good send off, which he complied with by beginning to play a soft marching drum beat with his spoons growing louder as Zas began to fade from sight, before Eaton finally lead the pack in unison howling out a dirge for the fallen Uktena elder.

Zas then began the trek to meet with the Uktena with great speed after informing Scents-the-Lies of his intentions and cargo via his lightning rock. The added weight of the travois took getting used to, but Zas began to eventually grow tolerant of it, but recognized the need to periodically rest to save his strength.

Zas arrived at the Sept of Three Rivers around Sundown the following day. Unlike his former visit that had been tense, Zas found an awaiting audience of gathered Garou, many more than Zas recalled seeing last time all with more somber expressions. As he neared the area, he found the weight of the travois to seemingly grow lighter as many hands wordlessly reached out and helped carry the deceased Uktena's frame Scents-The-Lies and the Chieftain DireSpirit among them.

Zas saw fit to ready himself for the rite that was yet to come and began preparing the ingredients. As he did so, he could feel many eyes watching his every move, but did not allow that feeling to distract him from his purpose.

Zas waited until Luna was beginning to approach her zenith before making his way to the clearing in the otherwise deeply wooded area where he found Chief Bowl's body still enclosed in the shroud. A large number of garou crowded in as the Silent Strider began the rite.

The next few moments were in total silence. None moved, and even the sounds of nature nearby quieted.
Zas placed a long branch off a cedar tree facing north. He then placed pine and spruce branches at the other three corners. When he felt he had properly placed the pieces he then took some salt and sprinkled it lightly between each of the branches forming a circle. The philodox then unbound the chieftains body slowly. As the elders' remains began to seep out, Zas proceeded to take a clay bowl containing some of the water from the nearby river and douse the chief's body.

Before the smell began to grow too great from the now exposed elder, Zas set each of the branches aflame beginning with the cedar branch and working his way counterclockwise around the body. The pungent odors neutralized the scent of decay as clouds of smoke swirled around in a vortex before then all at once breaking up and splitting into four plumes of smoke that scatter in each direction.

Zas then calls upon a beetle spirit to intercede who answered not with a physical manifestation, but rather by sending hordes of carrion beetles that  begin crawling up from the ground, and coming from all sides of the clearing rapidly devouring the chieftains flesh leaving nothing but bones.

As the hordes then begin to recede,
Zas turns to the gathered Garou and says in Cherokee, "Hail the mighty High Chieftain: Bowls Over the Great Foe! Leader of the Tsalagiyi Nvdagi, protector of his people. May his time not ever be forgotten. His service to the Mother remembered for all time. The four winds now carry his name. Luna bears witness to all who are here, all he has done, and all we do forwards because of him and his life. His journey with us has ended, his journey beyond us has only just begun. His name is now spoken only in reverence. Let all know that his remnants are sacred and blessed, as they now honor the memory of one of the Mothers chosen. Go now and mourn him no longer- for he is at the Mother's side."

Zas then turns to the burning branches and snuffs out the flames, before neatly organizing the skeleton and leaving the pile of bones at the feet of DireSpirit. DireSpirit then nods at Zas slowly and reaches down and begins to dig in the ground. He is then joined by the leaders of the sept who are then joined by others who had gathered for the ritual. The hole is dug silently, but quickly, and upon its completion, Zas inters the bone pile softly into the ground before he then closes the hole. As he does this, the gathered Garou disperse, talking amongst themselves in various languages sand vanishing into the night leaving Zas alone to finish the burial with Scents-The-Lies watching over him.
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The Chieftain's Final Journey
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