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 Did Anything Really Change

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Fae Carver


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PostSubject: Did Anything Really Change   Mon 03 Nov 2014, 22:07

After the voting was over and the pack began to disperse Mocks holds Rends back with a grin on his face. He has Rends sit back on table and rummages around in the basement for one of the better whiskeys and goes upstairs for a couple of glasses. He pours more than necessary in each glass and sets the bottle on the table between them. Mocks then stands up and holds his glass high.

"Tonight I drink to Rends the Gar. First Alpha of the Prodigals. My best friend. Gaia keep his claws sharp to fell your enemies, and my wit even sharper to keep his ego in line."

Mocks laughs before bringing the glass down to his lips, draining the glass, and collapsing into his chair.
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Rends the Gar


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PostSubject: Re: Did Anything Really Change   Wed 05 Nov 2014, 13:11

Rends smiles as he drains his own glass, then pours them both another.

"Cheers, buddy. We gonna do good things. Here's to avoiding another zavala."

He drains his glass.
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Did Anything Really Change
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