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 a morning to remember.

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Rends the Gar


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PostSubject: a morning to remember.   Sun 02 Nov 2014, 22:55

Rends the Gar awoke in his room at harriers the morning after the party. He lay there for a moment, remembering the previous day and night. He smiled to himself, glad that things were starting to turn around after the zavala fiasco. Grunting he sat up, turning his head to the empty side of the bed.

'Only one thing missing...'

He grabbed his knife from under his pillow for his morning ritual, crossing his legs and closing his eyes.

His body immediately sized up as a chorus of angry screams like silver needles drove into his ears. He tried to scream but fire melted away his mouth and throat. He clawed at his burns, falling to his knees in agony.

"You have failed, welp. I serve the Fenrir, and the Fenrir are strong. You have proven you are weak. Farewell."

Rends could barely hear the booming voice through his pain but he knew what it was. The spirit inhabiting the knife fetish. Then this was all a dream?

"WA... GAH!"

He choked as he tried to cry out, mouth and throat still mangled. He concentrated, forcing his body to reknit it's self as he stood and yelled into the empty dream sky. He could feel the will of the spirit pushing against him but he fought back until he could speak.

"Yous right. I failed. I should a done more to keep you. Apologies In worth shit so I won't insult you with one. But give me the chance and I'll show you how strong I am. I am fenrir! I will show you strength!"

He could feel the spirit around him, considering his offer and regarding the garou.

"Very well."

The spirit coalesced in front of him, taking the shape of Tames-the-Weaver in his human skin and speaking in his human skin.

"Prove yourself. You've been running from your blood since your first change. I have seen how you cower and moan like a meeting cat before a true wolf. The Wolf Spider is strong. He is a stain on the honor of the Fenrir, but he is strong. You will kill him. You will drive me into his heart and I will taste his last lifeblood. Do this before the end of the summer, and you will be proven a Fenrir true."

He dissolved into a pool of blood and Rends woke up. He was on his back laying on the floor. His nightstand lay on its side and the knife was embedded in the floor beside his head. He wiped the sweat off his face and got dressed, then armed himself with a sigh. He considered trying to activate Ribcage, but decided with his coming challenge and the rough morning he'd had enough punishment lined up for one day.

'Damnit. I need some good news.'

Rends went out to meet the day, storm clouds over his head and thunder in his eyes. Strangely the morning crowds split for him as he stomped into the post office, walking up to the clerk's desk.

"I've had a helluva morning already and I ain't had breakfast yet. Your boss told me I had some letters waiting for me. I sure as he'll hope it's good news, and trust me, so do you."
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The Laughing Stranger

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PostSubject: Re: a morning to remember.   Wed 05 Nov 2014, 16:26

The clerk, a stout fellow with a twitching moustache, nodded and handed Rends a letter. The Get tore it open and carefully scanned it, line by line.

I write to you on this fine brisk day, and hope that your escapades and romps, nocturnal and otherwise, leave you in good health. I have traveled to Seguine, and made some inquiries as to the nature of your work and the activities of my unpleasant and mercifully deceased companions.

The man I met with was a courteous and dashing fellow, a certain Captain John Hayes. Though he was very polite, I sensed that he was uncomfortable discussing you with him, but he admitted that there had been trouble in the Los Perdido region of the Hill Country for some time. I was only able to get him to share more when I revealed the nature of our relationship. I made out as if I were abandoned by you, which, though a slight on your honor, husband, it got Hayes somewhat riled. In his sympathetic fury over the mistreatment weaker sex at the hands of dangerous rascals, he told me that prior to the Comanche attack on Bexar county you threatened a ranking officer in the Republic army with violence and that the order to rescind your authority came directly from the desk of the Secretary of War. Hayes went on to say he had received scattered reports of wrongdoing ever since H. W. Karnes made you a journeyman ranger, but he wouldn't elaborate on that point.

Cap. Hayes seemed to suggest you and your curious posse were good at Indian killing but unreliable in any other matters. He also advocated that I get an annulment, and even offered his aid in arresting you, if I were willing to lure you back to Bexar, Guadalupe or Harris counties.

I told him I'd consider his kind and just offer.

I am now going to catch a stage to Austin; with any amount of luck I will find out more with regards to the the title papers carried by my erstwhile companions.

Your devoted wife
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a morning to remember.
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