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 Breaking the Barriers

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PostSubject: Breaking the Barriers   Wed 10 Sep 2014, 20:27

Jana had already fallen asleep for the night, though the sun had just  barely set. Her pregnancy almost at the end, Eaton did everything he could to make sure she was comfortable. That was despite his own concerns for her condition, but he did his best to make sure he kept his worries to himself. Currently, the Galliard was seated in the opposite room, finishing a long paragraph in his journal before he set down the pencil and held his right hand. He was tired of writing. He needed to read something. To his dismay the shelves in his study were still empty; though he hadn't exactly had time to hunt down for books since his pack's homecoming. There was one exception: the book Father Ramon had given to Jana after he had looked after her. Everytime he looked at the book he was dismayed that it was written in spanish. Before he had left Nacogdoches he hadn't given the gift much thought. However, after dealing with that strange creature during the defence of the caern that night, he felt  almost ashamed that he had blown off Ramon's beliefs so readily. Given that this book was held in such reverence, perhaps there was more to it than he had initially thought . . .   

But what am I gonna do, have Zas read it to me?  

Nevertheless he picked it up and turned to the beginning, letting out an irritated sigh as he failed to comprehend what what he was reading. Language was supposed to be his talent, and yet now it was an obnoxious obstacle. He tapped his chin, wondering what could be done about this . . . Until suddenly he had an idea. 
"Hey, Stranger." He said, turning around to face the spirit who was leaning in an empty corner of the room, 
"Ya remember when I ya taught me how to speak with spirits when we were headed down south? Ya wouldn't happen to know if there's somethin' that can be done about this."  He said, holding up the unreadable book.
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Breaking the Barriers
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