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 Never Stop Shooting

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Fae Carver


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PostSubject: Never Stop Shooting   Sat 06 Sep 2014, 21:33

The Crimson Moon hung heavy in the sky the night the caern was to be born. Mocks danced with anticipation on the outskirts of the caern waiting for the Wyrm to crash the party. He was ready for they Wyrm to try and mess this up. He sat down by Raises All Hell for a second time laying his arsenal out in front of him. Rend's rifle and pistol, his own new pistol that he hadn't had a real chance to play with, and then his favorite. His double-barreled shotgun. He smiled as he cleaned them again ignoring the weird look from Raises All Hell, and the angry glare of Shrike.

"Why not just use yer claws instead of luggin' around all them guns?" Raises All Hell asked.

Kefka grinned as he turned to answer the question. "When you lead with your strongest attack it makes fighting boring. By using guns and knives, and relying on teeth and claw last fighting becomes a strategy game."

Raises All Hell shook his head and grinned. "To be young and stupid again. If you like when you die tonight I will say what you just told me at your funeral. That way everyone knows you're an idiot."

Kefka pretended to be hurt by his comment for a brief second before retorting and then running off. "At least if I die I won't have to smell you anymore." As he raced away the sounds of Raises All Hell's laughter was replaced by a cacophony of shrieks, screams, and wailing for the Wyrm had arrived and it was hungry.

Kefka grinned as he races off in the nearest wooded direction wrapping the shadows around him as a cloak becoming effectively invisible in the night. He spots a giant tree and throws himself on the ground laying beside the trunk as he gets rifle out and takes aim at whatever comes his way. He was not waiting long.

A guttural shriek blasts through the woods knocking trees over. Those still standing began to decay and wither away slowly. Kefka had to stifle a cough as the blast reached him. The smell of rotting decaying flesh was present everywhere. Kefka looked through the scope of the barrel to see what caused the wretchedness. What he saw was a Giant Boar. There were blades sticking out of the creatures body at every odd angle from failed attempts to kill this beast. All scarred over now. It's eyes were milky white. Well the parts of the eyes that weren't crusted over in yellow. Kefka's shadow cloak did him no good as this aged creature hunted by scent. He pinned Kefka's location in mere moments and began charging towards him. Kefka's shot echoed in the darkness followed by sound of the boar collapsing. After all it is hard to charge on three legs.

Kefka stood up and pulled out Rend's pistol. He cautiously walked over to the Beast that hadn't made a noise sense collapsing. As he got closer he it began to twitch as a swirling mass of hearts spilled out of the hole that used to be a leg. They smelled worse than the breath did. The hearts surged with power as they formed a makeshift leg and the Beast began to stand up. Again it screamed and killed more of the wildlife. Kefka backed away firing a shot at the leg of hearts. It was ineffective. He cursed as he threw the pistol at the wretched creature and turned to run. The Beast followed as well it could with a leg made of hearts. Kefka ran around a tree and double backed towards the creature, lucky for him the creature was very poor at turning. He pulled his new gun and burning his all rage he shot all 6 shots. 3 into each leg on the left side cutting them off. More organs again burst forth to replace the legs of the foul creatures. Stomachs and lungs.

"What the hell are you?" Kefka muttered under his breath as he holstered his pistol and whipped out his Bowie Knives. He charged the thing narrowly avoiding getting slapped aside. The knives tore through the skin as if it were paper and intestines began to spill forth everywhere. Kefka watched in horror as the intestines spasmed violently, ridding the Beast of it's useless skin. The organs began piling on top of one another and Kefka saw its true form. The Skeleton of the Boar was the head full of brains. It had a limbs of hearts,lungs, stomachs, and one of assorted kidneys and livers. The intestines acted as the muscle tying everything together. As the abomination turned itself around to face Kefka it's limbs flung organs in various directions. He swallowed down vomit as he leveled his shotgun at his foe. He was waiting for it to make a move, and apparently It was waiting for Kefka to do the same. A thought occurred to Kefka and he dropped his shotgun to the ground as he laughed. He then held up his empty hands and spat once in each of them. He wiggled his fingers as he laughed again before clapping his hands together. At the concussive sounds leaves exploded off the trees that were left standing, and the abomination literally fell to pieces. Kefka smugly walked over to where the creature lay, crushing the flopping, splashing organs under his feet as he walked. He took his shotgun out and put it against the Boar's skull. He pulled both triggers. The skull exploded into thousands of tiny fragments, many of them cutting open Kefka's face. He ignored the pain as he watched all that the creature was disintegrate into ash and blow away in the wind. He gave the woods a once over gathering his guns and nodding in approval. He leaves his guns at the base of the giant tree as he shifts into Hispo to assist his pack mate howling for help.
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Never Stop Shooting
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