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PostSubject: Powerless   Sat 16 Aug 2014, 23:22

Mocks lay on his back his guns in hand waitin' to drift off. He wasn't excited about the prospect about meeting Death, particularly in his own domain. He had tasted his death, on many different occasions and it never was an enjoyable experience. He closed his eyes with a sigh. Immediately he went numb as he was yanked down ward by some unseen force. He passed through the platform and several other things. The falling sensation was soon replaced with a burning sensation. He opened his eyes to a lake of silver fire, howls of agony,pain and defeat rang in his ears. When he looked into the sea for Penelope but all the figures were to twisted, scarred, and broken beyond the point of recognition. At the sound of footsteps approaching behind him he turned around and was greeted with the long forgotten sight of Penelope, rage glowing in her eyes.

"Thanks for saving me the trouble. I thought I was going to have to climb out of Hell itself to find get my revenge and kill you bastards!!!! I was supposed to find a Lion and wake him up!!!!!! Do see a Lion here?  The only thing keeping me going was my lust for your blood!!!!" With that she charged him ripping his head off in a swift fluid motion.

He awoke again a pain in his neck, but at least this time he awoke in a bed. The scent of Harriet on the sheets and pillow. He smiled as he relaxed and tried to become one with the bed losing himself in her musk. He opened his eyes as he heard her enter the room. She entered the room with a loaded shot gun, a twisted smile on her face, and green bale fire in her eyes. She pulls both triggers blowing Mocks literally in half. The last thing he sees as he bleeds out was Harriet reloading the shotgun and aiming at her own stomach. His vision fades out, but the echoes of the shotgun blast ring in his ears.

When he next comes to he is tied to a metal chair in a courthouse, silver cuffs bind his hands behind his back and his ankles together. The only other person around is he notices is Judge Bean, staring coldly as he rhythmically pounds his gavel. The roof gets torn from the building letting the rain fall in slowly at first. As Kefka looks up at the rain he notices dark clouds overhead. The biggest storm clouds he had ever seen. Lightning is coursing through the clouds, outlining the faces of his ancestors. The thunder rolls in heavy overtaking the pounding of Judge Bean's gavel. With a huge crash of thunder lightning rips the clouds apart striking the Kefka. His hair is singed off immediately soon followed by his flesh and meat parts. His charred bones are all that remain and as the rain continues to slowly fall they sink to the bottom never to be seen again.

"This is the power I hold. You are all mine. I could be anyone or anything. You will never see me coming. The world is my crop and I harvest and reap as I see fit. When I want. Where I want. How I want. You being alive is not luck, or skill, it is my choice. I will do as I see fit. I know why you are here and I will grant you some protection in this next fight with Akna, but know that what life I give you comes off someone else's. Think about that while fighting your crusade you monster."

Mocks slowly awakens to the umbral warmth of Luna. He gazes at her for minutes while tears slowly force their way from his eyes before climbing off his platform and rejoining his pack mates with Noir Kaermode.
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