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 Letter to Papa O'Toole

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PostSubject: Letter to Papa O'Toole   Thu 17 Jul 2014, 20:23

Before her talk with Rends-the-Gar, Zoe made her way to Father Ramone to borrow the materials needed for writing and sending a letter. She then found a quiet place on the edge of town to gather her thoughts.

Hello, Papa,

      It's me. Zoe. I am sorry I have not written to you since I left for Nacogdoches. I have experienced many new and exciting things and have been busy with very little time to rest. Gaia God has directed my steps all this way and has provided guidance and wisdom and friends and a family of sort to help me as I go.

      The land grant turned out to be a farce as we expected, but I believe it was all meant to be. The people I am working with are brilliant and very business-oriented. I showed them the watch and rifle you made and gave to me. They are very interested in your creations and would like to meet you, so I am writing to request that you come and visit me here in Nacogdoches.

       If you agree to come, you can send word to Mr. Sanchez, the Postmaster of Nacogdoches. He will be sure I get your message. Things aren't quite as formal here on the frontier as they are back home.

       Oh I do hope you will come. The search for information concerning my past has turned up very little. You are still the only father I know and I miss you.

A small drop of water landed on the page, startling Zoe. As her focus on the letter broke, she realized she was tearing up as she recalled her beloved "Papa," who sent her off in search of her destiny all those months ago.

Please come soon, Papa.

                               Zoe O'Toole

Zoe sealed the envelope and scrawled O'Toole's name on the front. She stuffed the letter into her pocket, intending to have Ebony deliver it for her soon.
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Letter to Papa O'Toole
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