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 One Short Day

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PostSubject: One Short Day   Mon 23 Jun 2014, 15:19

Once the Prodigals had dealt with Chief Bowl to the best of their abilities, Eaton headed back to Harriet’s saloon and to reunite with Jana. The young woman was quite drowsy as her mate approached her with an excited grin on his face.  Jana yawned briefly before she said, “Oh, you're back. I didn’t expect that the Indian Bureau would take that long. I hope there wasn’t much trouble.”
Eaton let out a tired sigh,
“Welp, they asked us to take care of somethin’ else. That’s where those few hours came from. The other thing is . . .” His voice trailed off, and he held out his hand for her,
“Come on. I got somethin’ to show ya.”
Jana gave him a puzzled expression, but took his offered hand and stood up nonetheless. She grew even more surprised as Eaton led her out the door and into the late summer night. Though she still trusted him, she found herself replaying in her mind Eaton’s assurances of not having to sleep on the streets. Once certain of the direction he was headed, Eaton turned to Jana and said,  
“Now, not that Harriet’s room’s aren’t fit for ya or anythin’ but, “ He fumbled around in his worn pants pocket and pulled out an old key, a wide smile on his face,
“I got us somewhere nice and private.”
At that news Jana perked up, and looked at Eaton with an amused expression although with tired eyes,
“Already? I didn’t think we would be able to find a place that quickly.”
“Well,” Eaton began, tossing the key to himself in his free hand,
“I mighta struck a deal with the bureau: I keep the Injun’s in line, you get a roof over yer head. And I don’t think they’d have it in their hearts to let one a young woman like yourself live out on the streets.”
Jana gave him an astute look as she suppressed a laugh,
“I don’t think your friends here would have let that happen, but thank you. This is wonderful nonetheless.”
Eaton sighed as he replied,
“Somethin’ I've picked up on bein’ a Bone Gnawer: Milk your troubles for all their worth. Folks tend to be a bit more generous that way.”
He hugged her a little tighter, casting a sideways glance into her eyes with a jesting smile,
“Ya know, my pack and I will be headin’ out in a day or so. You’ve gotta learn these little tricks if you’re gonna make it without me watchin’ over you.”
“Ha!” Jana scoffed facetiously, if a bit wearily,
“You know I took care of myself and the less able-bodied back at the colony.”
“Course I know that.” Eaton replied as they rounded the final street corner,
“But that was before that little guy came along. Ah!” He said, pointing the key to the structure in front of them,
“And here it is!”
Before the couple stood a small log cabin, seated comfortably among the other buildings that looked much like it. It had a frail awning covering the entrance which was a peeling door. The roof seemed to be missing a few shingles but that was to be expected given the season of neglect. A few small windows poked through the walls of the house, one fractured as if covered by a spider’s web but still in the frame.  A soot stained chimney stood at each side of the house, ensuring that the abode would stay warm through the upcoming winter.  Jana took in the sight with silent gratitude while Eaton beamed beside her.
“It’s perfect.” He said before he approached the door and unlocked it. Although it was too dark for Jana too see anything descriptively, Eaton quickly dumped their sparse belongings in the corner of the room and got a fire going in the hearth that illuminated what was inside their new house. A wide framed bed sat staring at the fireplace, a modest chest of drawers standing beside it. A faded multicolored rug was thrown out in front of the bed, covering the uneven hard wooden floors. The bed’s sheet’s seemed fresh enough having been unused for several months now, and the young couple was tired enough that they didn’t care. Jana pulled herself onto the mattress while Eaton peered into the other room of their new home. What was before him appeared to be the study of All-Friend before his unfortunate passing. It was cleared out some time ago, evidenced by the empty shelves that surrounded a barren desk. A sturdy chair waited behind the station, and Eaton felt it was beckoning him to write at the desk until morning. Although even he was much too tired for that; he shrugged and went back to the other room. Jana had pulled the sheets up over herself while she waited for Eaton to lie beside her. The Galliard produced his weathered journal and tossed it towards Jana before he yanked off his shirt and leapt onto the bed.
“Alrighty,” He began, twirling a pencil in his free hand,
“Before I go, there’s a few things we gotta make sure get done.”
Jana turned to face him, exhaustion evident on her face,
“Do we really need to discuss this now? We have a whole day tomorrow.”
Eaton looked away from his scratching’s into the tired eyes of his mate,
“I just don’t wanna miss nothin’. That’s all.” He started writing as he continued,
“I gotta make sure that you’re looked after right. I know Red Oath is watchin’ over her sister in her pregnancy and I want someone like that.”
Jana blinked tiredly with a gentle nod as the Garou drummed the point against the page,
“You can probably cook for yerself for a little while, but someone’s gotta take that over eventually as ya get closer. In the meantime, we should probably scrape up some things for you. We could get a small garden planted, or somethin’ like that. Whoever this someone is can look after that, too. I just hope they don't hope to be paid in money.” He tapped his chin in thought with the splintered end of the pencil, before his eyes went wide with a look of realization,
“Hey! Anna Carmichael oughta be up to it! I should swing by and ask her!”  
Jana opened her mouth to say something but her mate failed to notice as he turned the page and continued,
“Hm, what are we gonna do about your horse? He’s gotta stay somewhere and I don’t want you to worry about it. Maybe I could give him back to Sylvester. Though does he really want a horse? And what if you need to . . .”
Jana furrowed her brow, raising one slightly but still remaining silent.  Taking notice, Eaton paused and asked,
“Ya wanting to ask me somethin’?”
“How long do you plan to be gone, again?” Jana asked, her voice breaking slightly in exhaustion. Eaton stared blankly for a moment before he took a deep breath,
“I ain’t completely sure. I know there’s gotta be some stuff we hafta settle once we’re out there. But don’t worry!” He added, thinking he saw a dismayed look in her eye,
“I ain’t gonna miss it when the baby decides to come out. I promise ya that.” He tossed his journal carelessly on the ground, snuggling closer to his mate as he wrapped his arms around her,
“Trust me, getting’ here was the hard part. It’s gonna be a lot quieter around here in Nacogdoches than it was on the trail. You don’t have to put up with Sylvester’s snorin’.”  
Jana chuckled lightly, her eyes fluttering shut just before her breathing became easy and regular. For his part Eaton let out a contented sigh as he readjusted himself; the last time he'd slept on a proper bed like this was with Jana back at Olvidado. He scanned the room in the flickering light of the fireplace, appreciating the solace of his own home before his eyes shut one last time, not to reopen until morning.
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One Short Day
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