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PostSubject: Homecoming   Thu 05 Jun 2014, 23:48

Kefka slowed to a trot and shifted to Homid as he approached Harriet's cabin. He stayed by the trees staring at the cabin, wondering what to say. As he stared he noticed her silhouette in the window. He smiled as his eyes traced her new curves, focusing on her stomach which held his child. He watched her finish eating and then wash the dishes he watched her leave the kitchen taking the light with her. He got his nerves up and walked towards the door, rapping on it ever so slightly. The door gets quickly yanked open and Kefka is met by the barrel of a gun, which quickly clatters to the floor as Harriet recognizes him. She stares at him a few moments before backing out of the doorway and motioning him in. He steps inside and closes the door. He smiles as he sits in the nearest chair, taking his shoes off. The sound of pouring drinks can be heard from the kitchen. He stretches on the chair and pops his neck as Harriet returns with two full glasses and a bottle of whiskey. She hands a glass to Kefka and he downs it in one go taking the bottle from her as well. She sits across the room from him with her arms crossed, sipping her drink. They stare at each other until she breaks the silence.
"You're alive. You came back." She says hesitantly, trying to hide her shock.

"You sound surprised..." Kefka said with a frown.

"Of course I am. And I will always be surprised. I am no fool. You all hate to admit, but you are all mortal."

"I just thought you would be happy to see me, that it would be a pleasant surprise."

She spits. "Pleasant? If you wanted pleasant you should have written me, told me you were coming. I could have created a wonderful facade for you. Pretended to be happy you came home." She takes a swig of whiskey and looks away. "Fact is you came back. That means you are going to be leaving again..."

Kefka sighs as he pours some more whiskey for himself. "No one said
this would be easy, Harriet."

"You're right. That's because we didn't say anything at all. We fooled around. No planning or anything. I got pregnant and you left. I know it wasn't personal... y'all are just busy. I understand. But understanding didn't take the hurt away. Sometimes I wish I never met you Kefka." She looked at him, tears welling in her eyes.

Kefka downs his drink and slams the glass down. He stands up and opens the door to leave. He pauses and stares out at the night sky. Harriet slowly approaches Kefka and puts a hand on his shoulder.

"That doesn't mean I don't love you." She turns him around and they share a kiss, as they bask in the moonlight. She shuts the door and leads him to her bed. Kefka follows her and climbs in after her. He holds her all night as they sleep.

He wakes early in the morning, when the sun is just beginning to rise. He rolls over and climbs out of bed. He makes his way to the front room to put his shoes on. When he turns to leave Harriet is standing there with her arms crossed.

"How long are you staying?"

"Just a day or two."

"You could stay you know. There is a caern here. Red Oath could keep you busy here. I'm here. Your child will need you! Please just stay here in Nacogdoches."

Kefka walks to her and kisses her forehead.

"I love you, but you know I can't do that right now. I'm sorry." He opens the door walks out and shuts it behind him. As he walks away he hears Harriet begin to cry. He shifts into Lupus and runs to the deepest part of the forest he knows. He shifts into Crinos and starts clawing the trees to shreds, felling the smaller ones in one swipe. After creating his own clearing he howls in anguish, and shifts to homid.
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